A Forever Recovery graduates thankful for people who helped them through

When people go through trials and tribulations in life, sometimes all it takes to make things better are a few simple words of encouragement.

For the patients at A Forever Recovery in the United States., hearing those words made all the difference in their rehabilitation.

Several of those patients who graduated from the program on October 24 were sure to give their thanks to all of those who made an impact on their road to recovery, including counselors, security and peers.

In the spirit of giving thanks, here are some words from AFR’s October graduation ceremony:

Brenna: “First, I want to thank God for giving me another day to live, for bringing me here to this program. Secondly,  I would like to thank my family for praying for me every day for 25 years.

I really feel this place is working through God

“I’d like to thank Pam (Anderson) for this program. I really feel this place is working through God, Pam. I want to thank Andy who got me here; he said whatever he needed to say to get me here and he got me here and saved my life. I want to thank the withdrawal house for dealing with my temper tantrums. Special thanks to Emily, she took me under her wing and made me feel special every day.”

“Chris (Jones), you were one of the first people I met when I came over here. When you told me your story I thought about my son and it gave me hope and inspiration for him. Thanks for being the MRT whisperer.”

“Tracy, my counselor, thank you so much for telling me what I needed to hear every day, not just comforting me and pacifying me, It helped me grow a lot. John from Indigenous, thank you for teaching me how to honor my mother’s memory. Shannon, with security, thank you for your help. There were times I didn’t think I could make it without you. You’re a strong, Christian woman and I appreciate your faith. Nursing, they were so good and sweet to me.”

Eric: “Pam, thank you, I didn’t believe when I got here. I didn’t. Damon kept me held together, appreciate that, you know I do. Chris Jones, thank you for everything you’ve done. Contacting my wife, came and gave me messages in withdrawal, when I needed them the most. Justin, my facilitator, was the best thing that could have happened in this program. Tracy, I didn’t believe some of the stuff that I heard, then I got to step three and understood it obviously.”

“I’ve got to thank my family for being here. I put them through a lot and my men’s group knows, that my best of times was knowing that they were going to be here. Thank you very much, I love you. Thomas, all of security, so glad you guys were here to prevent me from getting into a lot of trouble. I want to thank my peers for getting me to have fun.”

Kyle: “First of all, I would like to thank my mom, my aunt and my uncle for coming out here. Next I would like to thank Pam, you have a great program, we have some fun here, but it definitely gets you down to the core. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you.”

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