Should You Take a Semester Off for Rehab if You are Struggling with Addiction in College

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Should You Take a Semester Off for Rehab if You are Struggling with Addiction in College

One of the most concerning factors of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in the 21st-century is the effect that substance abuse has on college students.  Addiction in college is a rapidly growing problem that has a lot of people very worried. Unfortunately, substance abuse among college students is indeed becoming a lot more common and prevalent.

When a student finds themselves struggling with an addiction in college, they face the dilemma of wondering if they should go to rehab or not. Here, of course, we have the question of whether or not they should take a semester off of college to seek treatment at a qualified, inpatient rehabilitation center. The answer should be an obvious one.

As the age-old saying goes, “It is a brief span of time in your life for the rest of your life,” which means that going to inpatient rehab is basically taking the commitment of 1 to 3 months of your life to guarantee your better survival for the rest of your life.

The brutal truth of the matter is that the lifespan of the average substance abuser who does not seek help is barely more than five or ten years depending on what it is they are addicted to, what their age is, what their demographic is, etc. So, physically speaking, college students have some of the highest mortality rates (when substance abuse is involved) of all demographics.

Drug Addiction in College

Drug abuse and addiction in college are now worse than ever before. Studies on drug addiction in college now show us pretty terrible things like 80% of all college students have gotten drunk before the age of 20. 40% of all college students have tried a drug other than marijuana by the time they leave college and something on the order of 20% of all college students have tried illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, crack, or meth before the age of 20.

Furthermore, a lot of college students will also experiment with dangerous and addictive pill drugs in the hopes that prescription pills will act as study aids. In this scenario, you will get college students taking Ritalin and Adderall and other barbiturates and benzodiazepines in the hopes that the substances will help them study better or help them cope with the stress of taking tests and what not. Unfortunately, the substances never have this end result and they always end up getting the person addicted if they do not stop right away.

Rehab as a Solution

This really starts to show us how negative and unideal consuming such substances while in college is. It also shows us the importance of going to rehab if an individual is struggling with addiction in college. Taking a semester off of college is a small price to pay for getting your mind right and getting off of drugs and alcohol. Another way to look at it is that if a person is struggling with an addiction, they probably will not make it through college anyway, so taking a semester off to go to rehab becomes a real no-brainer. Ultimately, the focus needs to be on the person’s wellness and strength in their mind and body more so than anything else.

Going to rehab and getting clean off of addiction is without a doubt the best decision that a struggling college student can make. For more information on how to act on this, reach out to A Forever Recovery today.

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