Blackout Drinking on College Campuses, a Dangerous Trend

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Blackout Drinking on College Campuses, a Dangerous Trend

Underage drinking is a growing problem in the United States today. College campuses are known for their parties which include alcohol, marijuana, and stronger drugs such as opiates and amphetamines. One dangerous trend which is very popular today is blackout drinking on college campuses. Drug and alcohol addiction among America’s youth is becoming an increasingly rising crisis. This is an issue that is only getting worse every year.

Since alcohol addiction is becoming a more concerning issue in this country, other problems are also increasing.  One such issue has been the crisis that is drug and alcohol addiction among college students.  More specifically, alcohol abuse among college students is more prevalent now than it has ever been before.  In fact, college students as a demographic have the highest rates of severe alcohol abuse in this country.

Blackout Drinking on College Campuses

Blackout drinking on college campuses is one factor within college student alcohol abuse that has come to the forefront of the drinking issues in this country.

This term is defined by the National Library of Medicine, an extension of the National Institutes of Health as:

An alcoholic blackout is amnesia for the events of any part of a drinking episode without loss of consciousness. It is characterized by memory impairment during intoxication in the relative absence of other skill deficits.”

Blackouts from drinking are common now on college campuses. Binge drinking, alcohol abuse, alcohol addiction, and alcohol blackouts are all now far more common among college students than such problems are with the same age Americans who are not in school.

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction on College Campuses

Some of the statistics on this show the real relevance of the alcohol abuse problem in college:

  • According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, youth who binge drink are at statistically speaking far greater risk of serious problems than peers who do not engage in alcohol abuse.
  • A study published in 2007 by the NIAAA found that roughly 45% of college students reported drinking alcohol during the past 30 days, and of those who admitted to it, 29% binge drank or drank excessively or abusively.  Of those twenty-nine percent, many of them blacked out because of their excessive alcohol consumption.
  • College students who drink to the point of blacking out are statistically speaking at far greater risk of experiencing violence, health problems, sexual abuse, rape, injury, illness, alcohol poisoning, and other health difficulties.

Addressing the Problem with Rehabilitation and Prevention

There are two ways to solve a problem like this, and we need to capitalize on both methods.  For one, colleges need to step up their efforts at prevention.  Prevention is effective in that it stops alcohol abuse before it occurs.  Prevention is the responsibility of colleges and parents. College students must learn about the dangers of blackout drinking.  It is also the responsibility of universities to enforce security better. It is imperative that they take a no-tolerance stance on alcohol abuse.

When alcohol abuse turns into addiction, drug rehabilitation comes into play.  With the help of an inpatient addiction treatment center, individuals can find success and sobriety that is lasting and permanent.

Blackout drinking on college campuses is not only dangerous but can lead to full-blown alcoholism. If your college student is going through problems from drug or alcohol addiction, the staff at A Forever Recovery can help.  Call today to learn more about the treatment program. Professional specialists can answer any questions you might have about the treatment programs we provide.

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