Do Addiction and Tobacco Education Go Hand-in-Hand?

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Do Addiction and Tobacco Education Go Hand-in-Hand?

Drug and alcohol addiction is life-gripping and severely damaging.  It is a problem that is seemingly never ending for the people who it affects. It is the same with tobacco. These people seem to be totally trapped by their habits.  Substance abuse takes hold of a person and simply does not let go. For this reason, addiction and tobacco education do go hand-in-hand.

Tobacco is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States. It is quite dangerous, and it has been for some time now. It kills over 100,000 people every year, and it costs the nation over two hundred billion dollars yearly. Futhermore, tobacco effects are often close to, or just as bad as, any other substance dependence. Smoking kills, just usually not as fast as drugs and alcohol. Tobacco is not a substance which causes violence like

Utilizing Addiction and Tobacco Education for Prevention

Tobacco, drug and alcohol addiction are extremely dangerous.  Essentially, there are two ways to address a substance abuse problem.

These are:

  • Rehabilitation – Rehabilitation is the effort individuals exert to help someone beat addiction. Rehabilitation that an individual receives in the form of an inpatient addiction treatment center is the best shot that any person has at winning their battle against substance abuse.
  • Prevention – Prevention is the methodology or technique of exerting effort to prevent substance abuse from ever becoming a problem in any given area.  It is the moves that we make, the projects that we take on, and the actions we take to stop drug, alcohol, and tobacco use in an area. One of the best ways to engage in prevention is by actually educating people on the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.  Studies show that most people do not know that much about drug and alcohol addiction. However, prevention through education can correct this.

How Addiction and Tobacco Education Helps Kids

When we discuss education regarding tobacco and the dangers of it, people tend to stay away from it, and all other dangerous substances. Consequently, addiction and tobacco education is a must for children and young adults everywhere. Youngsters must know what they are putting into their bodies and the risks they are taking. Furthermore, when individuals teach about tobacco, they can quickly add discussions about alcohol and drugs too.

Because of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, the nation loses about seven-hundred billion dollars a year.  Because of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, more than two-hundred and fifty thousand Americans lose their lives every single year.  In fact, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and obesity are the top causes of preventable death in the United States.  Also, substance abuse is the number one cause of accidents and vehicle fatalities in the nation.  It’s pretty easy to see that all of these substances are quite dangerous.

Now more than ever, hopes are that we make the right efforts and tackle the projects that will effectively remove substance abuse from the nation.  All things considered, these are our hopes, for now. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that substance abuse is at its worst ever.  Furthermore, if we can prevent addiction by educating our youth about the dangers, we should put all of our effort into addiction and tobacco education.

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