How Negative Social Experiences Impact Sobriety

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How Negative Social Experiences Impact Sobriety

It is important for recovering addicts to know that social experiences impact sobriety in many ways.  Drug and alcohol addiction is a crisis in this country today that only gets worse as the years go past.  The truth is that drug and alcohol addiction is also getting a lot more familiar too, with bigger problems showcasing themselves yearly.

Currently, there are about 23 million Americans in the country who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  But what of the number of Americans who are currently in recovery?  According to surveys and studies, about 10 percent (25 million) of Americans are currently clean from addictions.

What this means is that drug and alcohol addiction is a lot more common than most people realize.  Also, the prevalence of present time or past drug and alcohol abuse is incredibly common.  Considering how many people there are in recovery, and how common drugs and alcohol are, a major and important focus needs to be the improvement of social experiences for individuals in recovery.

Positive and Negative Ways Social Experiences Impact Sobriety

For people to stay sober, they need to have good social experiences.  Probably the biggest battle that any addict will have to face isn’t beating the addiction itself; it’s the effort of staying sober and clean after undergoing treatment.  Ultimately, it comes down to most individuals admitting that it wasn’t beating the addiction itself, it was staying sober from drug and alcohol addiction that was the hardest thing for them.  Social experiences impact sobriety more than the average person realizes.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the environment.  If a recovered drug or alcohol abuser can get into a favorable environment, chances are they will be able to find sobriety on such a level that they can kick their habit. If they cannot locate such a level of peace and stability within their environment, then they are more likely to relapse.

Finding a Good Environment for Sobriety

Listed below are a few useful tips that one can follow for confronting the prospect of finding and maintaining sobriety through having a good environment:

  • Don’t hang out with anyone you used to use drugs and alcohol with.  Make new friends.
  • If your home or old environment is too harmful and dangerous to you, then get a new environment.  Move if you have to.  Your sobriety is worth it.
  • Establish connections with support groups and with people who will take good care of you and will do good things for you.  Build those connections and operate in such a way that the decisions you make and the places that you go are all recovery-minded.
  • Focus on your future, not your past.  To a degree, your mind is very much a part of your environment, and your mind will significantly impact your levels of sobriety or lack thereof.  Be sure that you are in a good place mentally at all times, and that you are looking to the future and not the past.

The above are just a few tips for maintaining sobriety.  There are others.  If you need help, or more information about how social experiences impact sobriety, call us at A Forever Recovery today.

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