Pros and Cons of Rehab for Addicted Married Couples

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Pros and Cons of Rehab for Addicted Married Couples

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious and challenging issue for a lot of people, and it is only more severe and impacting for addicted married couples. Substance abuse is simply a problem that tends to get worse.  But if the right route of action is taken, then recovery and sobriety is a probable outcome for those who enter themselves into addiction treatment programs.

Substance abuse may yet be one of the most difficult and trying hardships out there.  But that does not mean that it has to be a permanent problem. According to The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), drug and alcohol addiction is completely treatable.

Benefits of Rehab for Addicted Married Couples

One of the biggest problems when it comes to triumphing over addiction is when a married couple is addicted.  Whether they are married, dating, or in a partnership of any kind, two individuals who are closely bonded and who both are addicted to drugs and alcohol are going to have a much harder time of triumphing over addiction than a couple who is not so afflicted.  The truth of the matter is, addiction does not have to be such large crisis and difficult problem for people.  Although it often seems to be that way, sadly enough.

Just like with anything else, a bad habit shared by a married couple will be harder to get rid of than if just one of the spouses was engaging in it.  The same goes for smoking or tobacco use, for instance.  When one spouse is addicted to tobacco, it is likely that they will be able to kick that habit, especially if the other spouse wants them to quit.  But imagine if both partners are addicted to cigarettes.  They will have a hard time quitting if either of them tries to do so because of the liability of the other one.

There is no stability, and there is no accountability present when both members of a relationship are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  One individual might try to kick the habit, but then their efforts will prove futile thanks to the negative influence of the other spouse.

The Bright Side

The only way addiction within a marriage can be adequately addressed is when both members of the relationship go to rehab at the normal time.  This does not mean that they have to go to the same treatment center.  Although, often, that is ideal and is the preferred route for them.

This is the best chance that addicted married couples have of eliminating addiction.  If both partners go to rehab at the same time, and especially if they go to the same treatment center, they will be able to find success and sobriety that is lasting.  Call our staff at A Forever Recovery for a chance to escape the grips of addiction.  We can also provide more information regarding treatment for addicted married couples.

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