The Dangers of Considering Recovered Addicts as Damaged

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The Dangers of Considering Recovered Addicts as Damaged

It is dangerous to view recovered addicts eternally condemned because of their addiction history. Unfortunately, recovered drug and alcohol addicts and current substance abusers suffer from different types of stereotyping.

In the US, nearly 70% of crimes are committed by somebody under the influence of drugs or alcohol or trying to get drugs or alcohol.  For this reason, there is a negative stigma connected to substance abusers.  Unfortunately, this is not at all conducive to their recovery and permanent sobriety.  In fact, these negative stigmas and connotations and stereotypes are actually what often leads to further substance abuse.  As a result, people continuously abuse substances because they are made to feel worthless.  This approach is negative and unsuccessful.

Recovered Addicts Need Support not Condemnation

The healthiest and most sensible way to the approach substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction is to see it as a treatable disease.  Likewise, as with other medical or mental problems, it is not permanent.  Hopefully, with the right treatment, it will be eliminated.  Substance abusers are often individuals who have fallen on hard times.  They become addicted to drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication.  Predisposition factors are over-exaggerated, and the truth of the matter is that anyone can become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

What this means is that substance abusers are no different from people who do not use substances.  They simply made some bad decisions, and now they are suffering for them.  Especially recovered addicts.  It is of no use to condemn them, as it only creates a possibility for relapse.  A compassionate, understanding, and firm perspective will show positive results in recovered addicts. The problem right now is that substance abuse is only condemned and incriminated. All in all, if actual recovery and true elimination of addiction are desired, then a more positive stance will help recovered and active substance abusers achieve recovery.

Help for Current Addicts or Those in Recovery

If you are currently struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, please contact us here at A Forever Recovery.  Or, if you are already in recovery, but you are experiencing problems and difficulties with how people treat you because of your past, we can help you with that, too.  We can offer help both for active drug and alcohol addicts, and provide support for people in recovery, too.

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