The Role of Science in Addiction and Treatment

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The Role of Science in Addiction and Treatment

The science in addiction is actually quite simple.  Take benzodiazepines for example.  In fact, a big substance abuse problem that has been affecting the nation lately has been with psychotropic, psychiatric, benzodiazepine and antidepressant medications just to name one drug that is very popular right now.  The biggest issue with prescription drugs has of course been with opiate pain relievers but other types of prescription drugs have also been causing lots of problems. Psychotropic and psychiatric drugs show so clearly the scientific aspects of addiction.

Perhaps the most difficult and concerning thing about drug and alcohol addiction is that it is both a mental, psychological, and spiritual problem, and it is a physical, chemical, and scientific problem, too.  Part of the issue is in one’s mind, which is in the realm of abstract thought and mental and psychological issues, and part of the problem is in one’s body, chemically, biologically, and scientifically.

Does the Role of Science in Addiction Help in Treatment?

Such drugs get into a person’s body and have excruciating effects on them both physically and mentally.  For example, more American soldiers die from suicide committed after their tour of duty as a result of being prescribed psychiatric medication that inspires suicide than those soldiers who die on the field of battle, sad to say.  Furthermore, individuals who become addicted to psychiatric medications experience such a very, very high level of mental addiction and chemical dependence that it is in fact physically and mentally impossible to beat the habit of scientifically proven addiction to these drugs without the help of a highly trained and highly skilled drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation center and program.

The science behind addiction is that drugs and alcohol both get into a person’s body and mind simultaneously, and they wreak havoc from there on out, causing immeasurable problems in those affected by addiction.  Understanding the role of science in addiction leads to more effective treatment programs.

Addressing Drug and Alcohol Addiction with Rehabilitation

To do something about addiction and to handle it from a scientific and from a spiritual approach, one absolutely needs to get into a rehab for addiction.  The best way by far to do this is with an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction.  With an approach such as this, one can finally have a chance and an opportunity to really engage themselves and come out winning on the other side.

Inpatient rehabilitation helps out in two major ways. These are:
  1. Detox:  This is where the science of addiction is truly addressed.  In detox, one is able to focus on and work through the chemical and physiological aspects of their drug or alcohol dependency issue.  Detox works wonders in this arena, as it is able to effectively and helpfully really take addiction down a notch and help people come through the habit in the long run.  With drug and alcohol addiction detoxification, addiction is taken down a notch once and for all.
  2. Rehab:  This area addresses the mental and psychological aspects of addiction.  This is the path that someone takes after detox to work through the spiritual and personal aspects of addiction.  With an approach like this, addiction truly is taken down a notch and something effective is finally done about the addiction.  With rehab, addiction no longer needs to be such a huge problem.
All in all, addiction can be worked against.  The role of science in addiction and treatment, understood, can now be used to help those who are struggling with differing and various problems as far as addiction goes.  With this approach, people can finally know freedom.

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