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Why Some People Can Handle Recreational Drug Use and Others Can’t

If you know of someone with a drug addiction, you may be wondering how this can happen. The person you participate in recreational drug use with is now leaning toward addiction, and you are fine. How can this be? The answer is complicated because taking drugs leads to a chemical reaction that affects every person differently.

Research and science are revealing new things about how our personalities and brain makeup are involved. You may be a proponent of recreational drug use. If so, you may be wondering why some states allow this activity while others ban it. Read our guide to answers of why some people can handle recreational drug use while others can’t.  Our guide will give you a better understanding of this important question.

Living in a State that Bans Recreational Drug Use

Think it’s unfair that you can’t use recreational drugs in North Carolina but your friend in Oregon can? That’s because marijuana use is legal in Oregon, while the state of North Carolina bans it. The same goes for many countries, such as the Netherlands. There, smoking marijuana is legal. There are ways to answer questions about why some can smoke recreationally and others cannot. Checking the drug-use laws of the state in which you live is one way to find answers. If you are concerned, do your homework to know how the states and countries you plan to visit view drug-use laws.

Your Brain May Have Some Effect

Researchers have proven that recreational cocaine users who do not develop an addiction to the substance have an abnormally large frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that involves decision-making and self-control.

One Answer May Involve Your Personality

Developing drug addiction doesn’t just happen in a day, except in the cases of highly-addictive drugs such as meth. Instead, poor habits become long-term ones. Researchers believe that your personality may indicate whether you will become a drug addict should you begin use. People who have the combination of being impulsive and compulsive are more likely to develop a drug addiction. They tend to want to act on urges impulsively without thinking. Over time, those impulsive actions become habits. Drug users who do not become addicts often also are thrill-seekers. They simply do not have the same leaning toward compulsion. Instead, they become bored and move on to some other activity.

Help for Addiction to Drugs

If you are one of those who cannot participate in recreational drug use and then leave drugs alone If you, on the other hand, find yourself wanting more and more of the substance, then you should seek help before you have a full-blown addiction. If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, treatment from an inpatient addiction treatment facility can put you on the path to recovery.


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