Why You’re Not Alone if a 12-Step Program Didn’t Work for You

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Why You’re Not Alone if a 12-Step Program Didn’t Work for You

If a 12-step program didn’t work for you, you’re not alone.  Substance abuse is a concerning aspect of society.  Drug and alcohol addiction continues to worsen through the years.  Unfortunately, the problem has no clear indication of it getting better any time soon.

Since drug and alcohol addiction has become a legitimate epidemic, the need for inpatient treatment has never been greater.  The problem is significant and impacting, so the solution must be considerable and impacting.

Although drug and alcohol addiction is a terrible and sweeping epidemic the likes of which this nation has never seen before, it does not have to be so.  In fact, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, about two-hundred to three-hundred thousand Americans go through drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs every year, creating effective and lasting recoveries for themselves.

However, when people go to rehab, they do not always stay clean forever.

If a 12-Step Program Didn’t Work for You, We Understand

The traditional 12-step approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment has been the mainstay and the standard approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment since the early 1990s.  In truth, the majority of inpatient substance abuse and dependence treatment centers in this country are 12-step programs.

The inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that apply the teachings of the 12-step have helped millions of Americans beat drug and alcohol addiction.  However, these approaches are not as popular as they once were, and the relapse rates are growing.  This is not to say that 12-step is wrong or no longer workable or harmful in any way.

Meeting the Need for Different Recovery Options

But as the times change, so does the need for various recovery options. Different addiction problems strike the nation now.  Where once the most typical individual to be seen in a rehab center was an adult man or woman in his or her forties and addicted to cocaine or alcohol.  However, the most common attendees of rehabilitation centers today are individuals in their late teens or early to mid-twenties.

This is the new face of addiction, and the 21st century has brought us the most difficult problems of them all when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction.  So if the 12-step program didn’t work, take heart.  Do not assume that it was something wrong with you.  Instead, look to the future and see how you can make the best of a relapse.

An approach through alternative recovery organizations is for people to be given the best chance of winning against addiction.  For a lot of individuals, the best chance that they will have is to beat addiction once again at a more intensive program.  Just because someone failed a 12-step program does not mean that they will fail again.  With other rehab approaches, success can be had.  If a 12-step program didn’t work for you, give us a call to learn more about other treatment options available.

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