Can You Quit Alcohol Alone? Some Things You Should Know

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Can You Quit Alcohol Alone? Some Things You Should Know

Can you quit alcohol alone?  Recovering addicts are particularly susceptible to nutrient deficiencies, for some obvious and biological reasons. Eating healthy will help correct the nutrient deficiencies and positively improve your odds of maintaining sobriety.

A nutritional diet will help you recover from alcohol addiction by giving your body and mind time to improve and heal faster.  It also helps you maintain sobriety by supporting your body to function properly, thus maintaining your good health consistently. A healthy diet helps you stay sober in various ways such as improving mental focus, raising your energy, maintaining your mood and reducing cravings for addictive substances and behaviors.  In contrast, nutrient deficiencies make staying sober more of a challenge by increasing your chances for depression, fatigue, and cravings.

Healthy Eating is Not Easy for a Recovering Addict

Addiction can make eating a proper diet more difficult in many ways. When you don’t absorb enough of the essential nutrients in your body, you develop a deficiency.

Addiction can interfere with a proper diet and nutrient deficiencies by:

Decreased Appetite

When your appetite decreases and you eat less food, you are probably not getting enough nutrients, even though the meals are ordinarily healthy and nutritional foods.

Increasing Cravings for Unhealthy Foods

If you have sugar cravings and can’t control them, it can be tough to get all of your nutrients, because sugary foods contain hardly any essential nutrients.

Reduce Your Motivation to Eat Healthy

Motivation to eat a healthy diet requires assurance that eating healthy will provide excellent outcomes in the long run.  It requires confidence that you will maintain a healthy diet long enough to experience these positive results. Drug abuse can make it much more difficult to keep a positive outlook and can affect your willpower and confidence.  These factors may play a role in if you can quit alcohol alone.

Nutrient Deficiencies and Too Few Calories

As stated above, addicts recovering from addiction often do not eat a healthy diet and hardly ever get enough nutrients or calories. You could have nutrient deficiencies that you are unaware of, and it is making and maintaining sobriety much harder. Eating too few calories will also make sobriety and the recovery process much harder.

Best Results Gained with a Set Plan

Recovering from addiction and eating healthy will ensure the absolute best recovery and will help with maintaining it.  If you have completed the recovery process, healthy eating will significantly protect and prevent you from a full relapse.

A healthy diet is challenging for almost everyone, and you need a set plan for how you will maintain a healthy diet for the rest of your life.

These are some ways to achieve this:

  • Avoid fast food
  • Eat whole foods
  • Eat vegetables
  • Avoid refined sugars
  • Eat grass-fed meat
  • Eat organic
  • Consume nuts and seeds

The body uses nutrients and energy for daily functions, so eating healthy requires that you get these nutrients regularly from your diet. Healthy eating requires getting enough calories for performing physical activity and keeping a steady body weight.

Can You Quit Alcohol Alone?  Talk to the Experts at A Forever Recovery

If your alcohol abuse is out of control, you’ll need treatment in a professional rehabilitation facility.  These facilities can help you create a personalized program for your own unique needs. Please contact A Forever Recovery today for more information on nutrients and addiction.  We will also be able to help you answer your questions about if you should quit alcohol alone.


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