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What to Do if a Loved One Relapses

Jan 23, 2014
Relapse can happen to anyone in recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Forty to sixty percent of recovering alcoholics relapse at some point, according to the National Institute on...

What are the Risks From Drinking too Much Alcohol?

Jan 21, 2014
Your drinking is growing out of control. It started as a drink after work at the local bar until one drink became two or three. You told yourself that you...

What Are the Effects of Cocaine Addiction on the Body?

Jan 20, 2014
The effects of cocaine addiction are not necessarily the same on every person. Cocaine addiction affects people of all vocations, social standing, race, gender, and age. Customarily topping the list...

Is Kicking an Addiction Ever a Real Possibility?

Dec 28, 2013
Kicking an addiction may feel like a monumental struggle. No matter how many times you have tried to quit, overcoming your habit is possible with perseverance and the right guidance....

Substance Abuse and Addiction: Knowing the Signs

Dec 17, 2013
Many alcoholics claim that alcohol is “the cause of and solution to all of the life’s problems.” While the line is humorous, it also reveals a profound truth about life:...

How to Treat Gambling Addiction and Get the Best Results

Dec 10, 2013
When someone is in the midst of a gambling addiction, he or she will exhibit some signs that make it seem as though there is a chemical dependency occurring. All...

Signs That You May Be Addicted to Sex

Dec 1, 2013
A healthy sex life can become a sexual addiction without a person realizing it. A fine line exists between being addicted to sex and sexual gratification. Sex addicts cross this...

Drug Rehab Support Groups in Michigan

Oct 11, 2013
The terms drug rehab support groups or addiction recovery groups (or other similar names) all refer to voluntary associations or networks of people who share a common desire to overcome...
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