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Is Social Media Spreading Misinformation About Drugs?

Dec 11, 2020
It’s no surprise that social media abounds with false information on a wide range of topics.  Some of it can be easily detected and ignored or laughed off.  However, when...

Impact of COVID-19 on Workplace Drug Use

Sep 9, 2020
With more than 21 million people struggling with substance abuse in the US, it’s no surprise that workplace drug use is on the rise.  More than three-quarters of those individuals...

A Dangerous Practice: Combining Substances of Abuse

Aug 5, 2020
Combining substances of abuse, whether intentional or unintentional, is a very dangerous practice and can even be deadly.  Sometimes individuals may drink alcohol with a prescription drug when there is...

What are the Side Effects of Methamphetamine Abuse?

Jun 24, 2020
When trying this drug for the first time, the user experiences a rush of euphoria and increased energy. Clearly, there’s no wonder so many users like the side effects of...

Why Doctors are Concerned About Prescribing Benzodiazepines

Jun 5, 2020
Prescribing benzodiazepines for anxiety began in the 1950s.  Later, during the 1970s, they were on the list of most highly prescribed medications. They reduce anxiety by enhancing GABA neurotransmitters in...

Substance Abuse Among the Elderly Population

Mar 30, 2020
Substance abuse is more prevalent in the older generation today than it has ever been. In earlier years, substance abuse declined as individuals grew older. Today, the “Baby Boomer” generation...

The Impact of Drug Abuse: Turning Public Places into Danger Zones

Aug 7, 2019
It seems there’s no end to the ways drug abuse and addiction can impact the lives of innocent people.  Addictions ruin relationships, cause people to lose their jobs and homes,...

Six Tips to Help You Beat Nicotine Addiction

Jun 2, 2019
Quitting cigarettes is hard. It’s a huge lifestyle change on top of having to get over a physical addiction to nicotine. During those first few days and weeks, it can...

Old Drug, New Epidemic:  Resurgence of Meth in the US Today

May 19, 2019
The majority of the 70,000 drug overdose deaths in 2017 were attributed to opioids and fentanyl, according to statistics.  However, since 2011, the number of meth overdose deaths has increased...

Different Ways that People are Abusing Fentanyl

May 9, 2019
Today, there are many different ways that people are abusing fentanyl.  Fentanyl originally was made as a patch to be applied to the skin for cancer patients. This drug is...
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