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Can Your Financial Status Put You at Risk for Cocaine Abuse?

Jan 28, 2018
In the United States, the history of drug trafficking dates back to the 19th century. Cocaine, along with a variety of other substances, has been illegally imported and distributed among...

Can Employers Prevent Drug Abuse in the Workplace?

Jan 5, 2018
Today, the growing menace of drug abuse in the workplace has raised apprehension in various socioeconomic strata. Thankfully, the awareness that the abuse of drugs may affect employees is rapidly...

What are the Reasons for Adolescent Drug Abuse Today?

Oct 4, 2017
Every year we face new struggles and new challenges on an individual level, within the family, and in the bigger picture of our country too. As it stands right now,...

Why Talking to Teens About Drugs Should be an Ongoing Conversation

Sep 4, 2017
Drug and alcohol abuse has been a growing problem in this country, one of which is only getting worse to the point that it is now a nationwide epidemic. Drug...

The Most Abused Substances in the United States Today

Jul 17, 2017
Drug and alcohol addiction is a rising problem in this country.  The most abused substances in the United States today are alcohol, marijuana, and prescription painkillers. The majority of drug-related...

The Consequences of Drug Abuse in College

Jun 7, 2017
Drug abuse in college is a concerning factor in society today.  The substance abuse crisis in the nation is now at unprecedented levels and continues to cause countless deaths daily....

The Impact Teen Drug Culture Acceptance is Having Today

Mar 8, 2017
The teen drug culture is an issue which we must deal with immediately. Teen drug use is much more prevalent today than parents realize. There is no doubt whatsoever that...

“Enforced Common Sense:” How It’s Preventing Teen Drug Abuse

Feb 22, 2017
How about some good news on preventing teen drug abuse for a change?  All too often on the subject of drug and alcohol we hear stories and thoughts of different...

Heroin Overdose Prevention is a Major Concern in the US

Jan 16, 2017
Substance abuse has been steadily increasing over the years in the United States. As a result, heroin overdose prevention has become a top priority today.  Recently, the CDC labeled drug...

Prevalence of Opioid Addiction in the Workplace

Dec 28, 2016
The prevalence of opioid addiction in the workplace has expanded all across the country.  In fact, it has reached a point where the crisis is now more pervasive than it...
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