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Deadly Dancing: Drug Use Among Teen “Ravers” Considerably Higher

Jul 2, 2015
Not every young person who goes to a rave is going there to use drugs. Two-thirds of the kids surveyed for a drug use among teens study reported never using...

New Designer Drugs Prompt Strong Warnings

May 29, 2015
LSD, ecstasy, spice and ketamine are some of the substances known as new designer drugs or club drugs. The two terms mean the same and are used loosely to refer...

Trading One Addiction for Another: Understanding Methadone Addiction

May 12, 2015
Methadone is a relatively common form of medication that has been used for over 50 years as a painkiller and to treat drug addictions, but many are surprised to find...

Heroin Deaths Quadruple

Mar 13, 2015
Heroin has always had a reputation of being an “underworld” drug, only found in lower strata of the urban social sphere, but its use has grown rapidly throughout society. A...

How a Cheap High Becomes a Costly Heroin Addiction

Mar 5, 2015
Caught in a trap! Cravings fighting with repulsion. Skin crawling, sweating, needing to throw up and bones aching, a heroin addict’s life is not pretty. Globally, it is estimated that...

You Should Fear Meth Because it Rhymes with Death

Mar 1, 2015
The rise of methamphetamine abuse started to emerge in the wake of the crack epidemic as the 1980’s came to a close. Meth use has increased to epidemic levels as...

Decades of Methamphetamine-Induced Problems

Feb 19, 2015
Methamphetamine-induced problems started decades ago.  Many Americans have seen the disturbing images made famous by the Faces of Meth campaign, initially launched in 2004. This is one of many campaigns...

Infographic: Cold & Flu and Highly Addictive DXM

Nov 27, 2014
Do you have any idea how highly addictive DXM (Dextromethorphan) really is? The highly addictive DXM is found in many cough and cold medicines.     DXM is commonly abused....

What is the FDA Approved New Painkiller, Zohydro?

Apr 1, 2014
A new painkiller Zohydro was brought to the market in mid-March of 2014 by Zogenix, a San Diego-based company dedicated to providing pharmaceutical aid to those suffering from chronic pain....

Have You Heard of the Stimulant Drug Mephedrone?

Apr 1, 2014
Mephedrone is a drug that has increased in popularity over recent years. At one time, it was not a common street drug but is an imminent threat today. The stimulant...
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