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Everyone Can Play a Role in Addressing Addiction in 2021

Jan 3, 2021
Addiction and overdose statistics for 2020 are disturbing.  For instance, did you know that more than 81,000 people died from drug overdoses during a 12-month period ending in May 2020? ...

Understanding How Trauma Leads to Addiction

Oct 16, 2020
Everyone experiences trauma of some kind in their lives.  However, some people get through it without too much difficulty while others struggle to adapt.  These individuals often suffer from a...

Deadliest Illicit Drugs in the US Today

Oct 1, 2020
The threat posed by illicit substances in the United States continues to affect public health and burden law enforcement despite all efforts to control the problem.  The ever-increasing opioid epidemic...

Does Naloxone for Opioid Overdose Reversal Really Work?

Jul 14, 2020
The debate goes on about whether or not naloxone for opioid overdose reversal should be administered in such cases. Many individuals think that by administering this product, it is only...

Recognizing Drug Paraphernalia: What Should You Look For?

May 22, 2020
Currently, America is facing a drug epidemic that is out of control.  For that reason, all citizens should learn all they can about the dangers of substance abuse.  Also, information...

National Prevention Week: How You Can Participate

May 8, 2020
It’s understandable that we’re focused on the deadly virus that is creating a host of problems in every city in the US today.  However, it may be beneficial to think...

The Stigma of Being Asian American During COVID-19

Apr 21, 2020
As the days and weeks wear on and people continue to isolate, fears and imaginations are starting to run rampant. Have you ever thought about what it is like being...

Why Do Teens Experiment with Drug Use More in the Summer?

Aug 16, 2019
Summer has always been about having fun and taking a break from the stresses of high school. Teenagers all over the world agree that summertime is the best part of...

Do You Show Symptoms of Dual Diagnosis or Co-Occurring Disorders?

Jul 25, 2019
How does a person know if their problems with mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder came before their difficulties with substance use disorder? Dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders...

Understanding Opioid Addiction

Jun 9, 2019
When it comes to understanding opioid addiction, we should first look at the many ways a person is initially introduced to the drug. Opioids treat pain for millions of people...
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