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Inspirational Quotes About Alcoholism

Apr 28, 2019
One of the most inspirational alcohol abuse quotes says it best! “Alcoholism is a devastating, potentially fatal disease. The primary symptom of having it is telling everyone–including yourself–that you are not...

5 Warning Signs That You May Have a Drug Addiction

Mar 10, 2019
There is a difference between drug use and drug addiction, but the line separating them is much finer than many people think, particularly when you are looking at highly addictive...

How Can I Know When to Seek Addiction Treatment?

Jan 2, 2019
Knowing when to seek help for addiction can be a confusing issue.  Many people believe an addict must wait until they hit “rock bottom” before they need treatment.  But, that...

Why Drug and Alcohol-Induced Deaths Spike During Holidays

Dec 11, 2018
The CDC reports that December, January, and March are the most dangerous times of the year when it comes to drug and alcohol-related deaths.  In fact, since 1999, more than...

The Truth About Homelessness and Addiction

Oct 31, 2018
According to recent studies, there is a link between homelessness and addiction. In fact, the average person is likely to associate substance abuse with homelessness without much thought about the...

Senior Citizens and Benzos:  Are They at Risk for Addiction?

Sep 19, 2018
Older people don’t always ask their doctors about the side effects of taking a variety of prescriptions all in one day. They often assume that some of the symptoms they’re...

Drugs and Pregnancy: Pregnant Women and Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Jul 14, 2018
Taking drugs and abusing alcohol is very harmful to any individual, but for pregnant women struggling with these issues, it can be dangerous for not only yourself but also the...

4 Minutes Ago Another Person Died from Drug or Alcohol-Related Causes

Jul 7, 2018
Drug and alcohol-related deaths and suicides increased at a record pace of 11 percent in the last year.  To translate that number into actual individual deaths, it amounts to 142,000...

Babies Born Withdrawing From Opioids:  What You Should Know About NAS

May 30, 2018
Almost every 15 minutes in the U.S. a baby is born withdrawing from opioids.  Let that fact sink in for a minute.  If you aren’t shocked yet, then consider this:...

Top Misleading Beliefs We Have About Addiction

May 21, 2018
Sometimes it’s difficult to participate in a conversation about addiction without stirring up a heated debate. It seems that everyone has a different opinion on the topic. But, the important...
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