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A Forever Recovery Celebrates National Recovery Month

By: admin
Sep 2, 2016
September is National Recovery Month Though the graduates of the A Forever Recovery treatment program are celebrated every week of every month through our Graduation Ceremonies, we are sharing our...

Kathleen’s Recovery Month Review

By: admin
Aug 11, 2016
“Coming here gave me my future back” Look Towards a Sober Future with A Forever Recovery this Recovery Month Kathleen’s turning point came at her daughter’s wedding. Her family noticed...

Battle Creek Festival of Lights

By: admin
Dec 3, 2015
JOIN US Saturday, December 5th 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Battle Creek Festival of Lights Special Prizes for Everyone!

Since 1999 Drug Overdose Deaths Have Doubled in the US

By: admin
Dec 6, 2014
America has a problem, and self-medicating will only make it worse. According to a new CDC report, drug overdose deaths have more than doubled in the past two decades.  What’s...

Some Interesting Facts About the Media’s Impact on Drug Abuse

By: admin
May 20, 2014
The media’s impact on drug abuse, through advertising and other cultural messages, is usually cited by those in treatment as a conduit to addiction. According to studies performed by CASA...

PCP Hospital Visits Significantly Increase in the US

By: admin
Dec 9, 2013
For many years, the US has had a serious substance abuse problem that has affected all pillars of society. Aside from an increase in the use of cocaine, marijuana, and...
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