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Substituting Addictions: Things Recovering Addicts Turn to in Sobriety

By: admin
Mar 24, 2019
During the time a person spends in addiction their brain relies on the dopamine surges provided by the addictive substances.  But, this cycle can also manifest with any substance or...

5 Things that Can Help You Prevent Relapsing

By: admin
Feb 5, 2019
Most people seek addiction treatment because they have already tried to quit on their own but relapsed a couple of times and are in search of a better solution.  If...

Why Do So Many People Relapse After Drug Rehab?

Dec 25, 2018
The few individuals in our country today who have not either struggled with addiction or had a loved one who has, may not understand why a relapse after drug rehab...

Recovery Month:  Promoting and Celebrating the Benefits of Addiction Treatment

By: admin
Sep 8, 2018
What is Recovery Month? It is a national event that seeks to increase awareness about substance abuse. It is also an opportunity to celebrate with those who are succeeding in...

After Completing Addiction Rehab, Where Do You Go?

By: admin
Aug 28, 2018
You have completed your addiction treatment program at rehab, so what is your next step? Do you go back home to the same environment in which you abused substances such...

What NOT to do When a Loved One Returns Home from Rehab

By: admin
Jun 4, 2018
When a loved one returns home after rehab, those first few days or weeks are the most crucial.  Many recovering addicts leave rehab with high expectations and are eager to...
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