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5 Stages of Recovery from Addiction

Oct 28, 2020
Recovering from substance abuse can be a complex process.  Each person has different issues and unique needs that need to be addressed.  For that reason, trying to apply a one-size-fits...

How to Maintain Accountability in Addiction Recovery

Aug 26, 2020
Learning to accept and maintain accountability in addiction recovery is vital for lasting sobriety.  What does this mean?  It means the individual must own up to their mistakes and learn...

5 Tips for Protecting Your Sobriety After Addiction Treatment

Jun 14, 2020
Congratulations!  You’ve completed rehab and are ready to begin rebuilding your life.  But, you’re unsure about what happens next.  For a while, you’ve been focused entirely on getting through detox...

How are Recovering Addicts Coping with COVID-19?

Apr 9, 2020
As we all try to adapt to a new way of life during the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have issues to deal with. There is isolation, worries, and concerns for...

How Social Distancing Affects Recovering Addicts

Mar 27, 2020
We’re dealing with a unique and challenging situation in America today. Everyone is affected by the new social distancing recommendations, and many of us aren’t coping very well. However, as...

Defeat Alcohol Addiction: Tips for Maintaining Sobriety

Aug 28, 2019
Even alcoholics know what they are doing to their body by drinking excessively, yet many do not quit. The possibility of liver disease, kidney disease, and even cancer should make...

Life Without Addiction: 10 Super Fun Activities to Enjoy Sober

Jun 23, 2019
If you are recovering from addiction, it is always a challenge not to keep thinking about your habit. If you are trying to move on with your life, you need...

Common Anxiety Triggers During Recovery and How to Avoid Them

May 26, 2019
Many different factors trigger anxiety during drug rehabilitation, both physical and mental. While mental triggers are unique to the individual, several common physical triggers worsen the symptoms of anxiety. Identifying...

Substituting Addictions: Things Recovering Addicts Turn to in Sobriety

Mar 24, 2019
During the time a person spends in addiction their brain relies on the dopamine surges provided by the addictive substances.  But, this cycle can also manifest with any substance or...

5 Things that Can Help You Prevent Relapsing

Feb 5, 2019
Most people seek addiction treatment because they have already tried to quit on their own but relapsed a couple of times and are in search of a better solution.  If...
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