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What NOT to do When a Loved One Returns Home from Rehab

By: admin
Jun 4, 2018
When a loved one returns home after rehab, those first few days or weeks are the most crucial.  Many recovering addicts leave rehab with high expectations and are eager to...

Relapse in Recovery: What Does it Mean?

By: admin
Mar 29, 2018
Relapse is a terrible thing for people in recovery.  After working so hard to achieve recovery, a relapse is difficult to overcome.  The individual may feel like there is no...

Why We Need to Talk About Negative Recovery Experiences

By: admin
Jan 28, 2018
As with our military, addicts, and people from all backgrounds, we experience trauma and low self-esteem. Thinking poorly of yourself is far more than typical with every age, gender, or...

Could Google Be Influencing Your Addiction Treatment Decisions

By: admin
Oct 11, 2017
When it comes to addressing drug and alcohol addiction in the 21st century, one of our biggest concerns and one of our biggest focuses by far is how we go...

Helpful Advice for Staying Strong in Sobriety Amid Peer Pressure at Work

By: admin
Oct 9, 2017
For people who have struggled with addiction in the past, staying strong in sobriety and not relapsing is often the greatest challenge of all. When this is the case, such...

Dope Sick: Detoxing from Drugs in Rehab is the Safest Approach

By: admin
Sep 18, 2017
When people get hooked on drugs and alcohol and then try to kick the habit on their own, they invite a whole new batch of problems and difficulties upon themselves....
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