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Faith in Recovery

Jun 9, 2017
Having faith in a higher power can get people through some of the toughest obstacles in their life, especially in the case of addiction. Faith in recovery can play a...

5 Addiction Recovery Activities to Fill the Void Left Behind

May 31, 2017
Drug and alcohol addiction is a tough issue for all who are affected by it, and it is something that can and should be addressed in the lives of those...

Addiction Rehab Helping the Addict and Family Members

May 15, 2017
Drug and alcohol addiction is a tough issue that a lot of people have to experience on a regular basis.  It is becoming a more serious problem in this country. ...

Addiction Aftercare and Recovery: Can it Help End the Crisis?

Apr 19, 2017
Drug and alcohol addiction is without a doubt one of the single greatest problems that this nation has ever experienced.  The biggest concern with drug and alcohol addiction is, even if...

Don’t be Afraid: 4 Tips for Conquering Common Fears in Recovery

Feb 6, 2017
Learning how to conquer common fears in recovery is one of the skills a person learns in rehab.  What a lot of individuals do not realize about drug and alcohol...

Spouses of Addicts: Why You Also Need a Recovery Plan

Jan 30, 2017
What many people don’t realize is that drug addiction is a significant and impacting crisis. it affects more people than one might think. Substance abuse and general drug and alcohol addiction...

A Forever Recovery at the Annual Binder Park “Zoo Boo”

Jan 16, 2017
Addiction, Recovery, Zoo Boo at the Binder Park. Patients from AFR find out how rewarding a clean and sober lifestyle can be. Overcoming addiction is much more than just getting...

Relationships and Recovery: How to Find the Right Support

Jan 9, 2017
Relationships and recovery can be very closely connected when a person struggles with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. As you enter your recovery stage after addiction treatment, you will...

Conversation Traps to Avoid While in Addiction Recovery

Jan 2, 2017
One of the pitfalls of addiction recovery that can lead to relapse is becoming a part of groups or activities that are not conducive to sobriety and recovery. Another pitfall...

Why Recovery is About More Than Just Attaining Sobriety

Nov 28, 2016
Addiction recovery is about more than just simply attaining sobriety. This perhaps is or of the greatest misconceptions of rehabilitation and what exactly that entails. Triumphing over drug and alcohol...
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