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What are the Common Relapse Triggers in Addiction Recovery?

By: admin
Apr 17, 2014
Addiction is very complicated due to the possibility of returning to substance abuse following a period of recovery. Because addiction is considered to be a chronic condition, individuals who are...

The Importance of a Strong Support System During Recovery

By: admin
Mar 26, 2014
With nearly 23 million people identified as dependent on either alcohol or drugs and almost 4 million drug-related emergency room visits each year, drug and alcohol addiction is a common...

How to Enjoy a Safe and Sober Holiday Season

By: admin
Dec 24, 2013
The holidays should be an enjoyable time of year; spending time with family, enjoying delicious foods, and simply having some time to relax are all typical cornerstones of the holiday...

Recovering from Meth Addiction is Possible

By: admin
Dec 18, 2013
The number of people who are recovering from meth addiction in the US is astounding.  Meth addiction claims over 25,000 lives each year. In 1971, the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control...

Tips for Dealing with Peer Pressure Encouraging Drug Use

By: admin
Oct 9, 2013
Although many individuals think of peer pressure as a problem that only influences adolescents and teens, the truth is peer pressure can negatively affect people of all ages. One type...

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Addiction Recovery

By: admin
Oct 1, 2013
Understanding Drug Addiction Recovery Addiction is already a complicated subject, yet drug addiction recovery can be even trickier to grasp. However, as individuals seek out answers, remaining informed can help...
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