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A Forever Recovery Donates to Gleaners Food Bank

Jan 28, 2014
In order to make this year a hunger-free holiday for individuals and families in Detroit and the surrounding area, Per Wickstrom made a $15,000 donation on behalf of A Forever...

Speaking About Their Experience are Some A Forever Recovery Graduates

Nov 26, 2013
Some A Forever Recovery Graduates recently spoke to others about their addiction experience in an effort to encourage and show them that they too can reach recovery from addiction. Hear...

Per Wickstrom with Former NFL Player Myron Rolle

Nov 18, 2013
Per Wickstrom of A Forever Recovery talks with Former NFL Player, Myron Rolle about the kids today and the struggles they face growing up that weren’t issues for kids many...

Our Passionate Employees at A Forever Recovery

Nov 12, 2013
Some of the passionate employees at A Forever Recovery were asked about their reasons for working in the addiction rehabilitation business. Their answers represent the caring and compassionate people that...

Meet Pamela Anderson

Nov 6, 2013
My name is Pamela Anderson. I’m the Executive Director of A Forever Recovery Rehabilitation Center. I have an MBA and I am an addictions counselor. We decided to open a...