What Are the Benefits of a Detox Facility?

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What Are the Benefits of a Detox Facility?

Far too many people today are guilty of thinking substance abuse is not something that will impact them or their loved ones. The problem is that the numbers don’t reflect that mindset being a reality. For this reason, a detox facility can be very beneficial to someone who is trying to recover from drug addiction. Based on the general statistics revealed in a survey by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 22.9 million people over the age of 12 have used some form of an illegal drug.

To put things in perspective, 22.9 million people, approximately 9 percent of the American population, admitted to using some form of an illegal substance. This figure does not take into consideration hardcore users and addicts that would probably not be participating in a national study.

Not Everyone is Getting the Help They Need

Based on information from the same survey, there are an estimated 23.1 million people that are currently in need of intense treatment, such as counseling and detox programs, while only 2.6 million are receiving help. This number means that more than 20 million people are addicted to some form of a controlled substance without having access to any treatment program. A word that immediately comes to mind is epidemic.

According to statistics, the success rate of overcoming addiction without a good detox and counseling program is less than 5 percent, magnifying the importance of participating in a qualified detox facility.

Why You Should Not Go It Alone

Chemical dependency is a severe health issue. Physiologically, the body goes through major withdrawal as an addict attempts to disengage drug use. There are some significant benefits to using a professional medical detox facility instead of trying to quit “cold turkey.” Not only does using a professional detox facility drastically increase your chances of success, but it also provides much-needed attention in the case of physical complications associated with withdrawal, which is common. It is not uncommon for people to die from the complications of withdrawal.

Some Benefits of Choosing a Detox Facility

Many times a detox has to be done through a gradual approach, while on other occasions the process can be expedited.

The main benefits of a professional detox facility include:

  • Increased success rate
  • Around the clock attention
  • A proven support system
  • Structured environment

Each type of addiction affects the human body in a different way. For instance, heroin addiction is widely recognized as one of the most powerful addictions of any drug, and the withdrawal pains are extreme. Cocaine and alcohol addictions can be severe as well.

For example:

Heroin: Very few people understand the severity of heroin addiction; therefore, it ‘s hard for them to understand the pain and difficulty associated with heroin withdrawal. Heroin withdrawal can manifest itself differently in certain people, but generally speaking, heroin withdrawal normally begins to reveal itself about 12 -14 hours after the last fix (dose). The withdrawal pains become increasingly worse until they peak around the third day subsiding in 5 to 7 days.

Cocaine: The crash that comes when you stop using cocaine comes at different intervals with different people. It can also vary in time and intensity. There are those people who never get sick, as well as those who become extremely ill. People who have used cocaine extensively can also experience PAWS.  Another major issue associated with cocaine withdrawal is chemical depression, as the chemical levels in the brain attempt to find a balance again.

The uncertainties associated with cocaine or heroin withdrawal symptoms are best dealt with through a professional detox facility.

Risks Associated with Quitting Cold Turkey

Attempting to overcome a physical addiction without the help of professionals proves futile for more than 95% of those who attempt it. It becomes a painful way to fail. The risks of health complications, including death, are high when going through withdrawal. The desire to give in to the withdrawal pains is often too much to overcome.


Chemical dependency is a profoundly serious issue, and it should be treated as such. Although attempting to quit on your own may be admirable, it is not recommended. The assistance of professionals that are trained to help individuals overcome their addictions with greater success is a great benefit and should be strongly considered.

The success rate of attempting to quit heavy use cold turkey does not produce much in the way of optimism, but the right detox program can increase the success rate by 30 percent or more in many instances.

Detox treatment is a part of the complete recovery program. With a strong commitment and the proper assistance that can be offered through a professional detox program, the chances are much better than doing it on your own.

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