Cocaine Detox and Rehab Programs: Getting Results

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Cocaine Detox and Rehab Programs: Getting Results

Every street drug you hear about has a different power of addiction. According to the U.S. government, cocaine is one of the most addictive and more potent drugs that can be abused. It carries the propensity for high dependency. This means that people who abuse and become addicted to cocaine must go through an intensive cocaine detox and rehab if they want to recover.

Fortunately, recovery from cocaine addiction and addiction to other drugs is possible. If you are addicted to cocaine or if you know someone close to you who is, the only way out is through treatment. You must go to an inpatient treatment facility to seek professional medical help for detoxification and rehabilitation.

What Happens During Cocaine Detox and Rehab

Cocaine detox is required before counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapy can start because you need to be sober before the real healing can begin. Getting sober on your own is not an option.  However, detox is only the beginning.  To completely recover and addict needs cocaine detox and rehab consecutively.

At a professional inpatient treatment facility, you will go through a detox process that is monitored by experienced professionals. They will keep track of your vital signs and any withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing. Detoxing from cocaine is not easy. Because it is such an addictive drug, many people experience dizziness, nausea, headaches, vomiting and even hallucinations during the detoxification process.

Once your body is cleansed of this powerful drug altogether, you can begin the latter stages of rehabilitation at your inpatient treatment facility and start your life anew. During these stages of rehab, you will get to the root of your drug problem and figure out how and why your addiction got started in the first place.

It is important to only go through a detox program that is monitored at a professional treatment facility. Detoxification cannot be accurately performed at home by yourself or even with the help of a friend or family member. These methods of detox will not work, and they can be extremely dangerous as well.

The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment for Cocaine Addicts

Inpatient treatment is the most effective way to combat addictions of any kind. Within a secure and comfortable environment patients receive caring support and guidance.

Some of the benefits of this approach to recovery include:

  • There are no temptations: At an inpatient rehab facility, you won’t constantly be tempted by cocaine and other drugs.
  • You’ll be around the right people: In addition to not having the actual temptations of drugs around you, you’ll also have more supportive people nearby, and they won’t be doing drugs.
  • Your overall health will improve: Healthy meals, exercise, and meditation are all things you can expect at the rehab center.

How to Help Yourself or Someone Else With a Cocaine Addiction

If you or someone you know has been abusing cocaine or has become addicted, there is help available through cocaine detox and rehab. Admitting that there is an addiction problem will be the first step, and it will also be the most difficult step. It’s important to do this so that recovery and sobriety are possible. If you are the one with the cocaine problem, talk to someone you trust if you feel you cannot take the next steps on your own. Ask a friend, family member, doctor or teacher for help and support. It’s okay to be vulnerable during this time.

The next step will be going to a nearby inpatient rehab center to talk with the medical professionals and counselors there. You may need to be admitted immediately for inpatient treatment. Once your detox period has been completed, the real work will begin with counselors and therapists. You will be able to talk through your problems and find concrete solutions for dealing with life’s issues as a newly sober individual.

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