Debunking the Drug Detox Myths

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Debunking the Drug Detox Myths

Misinformation and drug detox myths create doubt that the process works. Common myths that generate fear and apprehension about it can prevent an addict from seeking life-saving treatment. As a vital part of recovery from addiction, drug detox offers a genuine chance for addicts to change direction and regain a healthy lifestyle. An examination of the facts may help an addict disregard false claims and enter a safe treatment program that produces results. Fears vanish when the facts are understood.

Confronting Drug Detox Myths About Isolation

One of the most common drug detox myths is that patients must struggle through detox on their own. Far from the truth, the myth discourages patients from entering programs that provide careful monitoring by caregivers and health professionals. When the body is deprived of drugs that it has learned to depend on, the process can produce feelings of pain and discomfort. At A Forever Recovery, each patient’s physical symptoms are monitored and managed to make withdrawal manageable. An experienced health professional or a doctor makes an overall assessment that provides a basis for a detox treatment plan.

As the first step in rehabilitation, withdrawing from drugs clears the way for patients to start making progress. Detoxification alone is not rehabilitation, but it is necessary as an initial step so that patients can address the social, psychological and physical aspects of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

The process produces positive effects on the body that include these:

  • Getting Rid of Toxins
    Drug use creates a residue of chemical substances that can harm the body. The accumulation of drug residue tends to make stopping use complicated, and flushing the system is a preliminary step in recovery.
  • Improving Mental Health
    Abuse of alcohol and drugs often creates fatigue that is familiar to addicts and clearing the system of addictive substances aids the recovery process.
  • Creating a Feeling of Well-Being
    Patients who suffer from addiction to drugs and alcohol can achieve a sense of well-being that results from detoxification and rehabilitation treatment under medical supervision.

At A Forever Recovery, healthcare professionals assist patients through the withdrawal process with care and guidance. Starting a treatment program with drug detox gives patients a chance to get on a path to recovery. Returning to society as a healthy person is a goal of addicts who start treatment.

Correcting Misconceptions About Treatment Facilities

Living in comfortable surroundings at a facility like those provided by A Forever Recovery provides access to an enjoyable lifestyle. Patients are free to leave at any time without any requirement to stay. Healthcare professionals design programs that suit the needs of each patient with a projected period required to meet planned goals. Early departure from a treatment program can allow a patient to return to practices that are unhealthy, and healthcare professionals recommend against it. Each patient is treated with the courtesy and respect that is expected in reputable drug treatment centers.

At AFR, patients can participate in groups that specialize in activities that are entertaining and informative. Patients may choose to attend sessions on fitness and nutrition, music and art, yoga and martial arts, anger management, and other subjects. Far from creating a repressed environment, inpatient treatment centers can offer access to luxuries that are otherwise unavailable.

Research conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shows that about 11 percent of people over age 12 who need help receive it at a specialty facility. Certain types of patients respond more effectively to inpatient settings, making it essential to seek a program that provides a pleasant environment during treatment.

Myths About Drug Detox and Treatment

There is no “one size fits all” treatment for drug addiction.  The drug detox myths that claim otherwise are misleading and incorrect. NIDA confirms that addiction is a complex disorder that is treatable, but no single treatment method is appropriate for all patients. Remaining in treatment long enough to achieve results is essential.  The amount of time that is required should be determined by skilled healthcare professionals and doctors.

The detox phase of treatment is the most important action that a patient can take on the road to recovery. As a side effect, withdrawal symptoms can cause patients some discomfort.

Typical reactions from alcohol withdrawal include these:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Headaches and irritability
  • Mood swings and inability to sleep
  • Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite
  • Tremors and rapid heart rate
  • Hallucinations and nightmares
Common withdrawal symptoms from prescription or illegal drugs:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nervousness and drenching sweat
  • Death

Helping clients manage the effects of withdrawal is a central focus of treatment at AFR. Patients who are addicted to heroin or cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal substances start treatment with detoxification. The availability of medical supervision during the critical stages of withdrawal is essential at all times.  It is of particular importance when the possibility of seizures, convulsions, hallucinations or other complications exist.

Choosing the Right Treatment Center

While addiction to drugs is a treatable disease, escaping the grip of addictive substances is not a simple matter. The body gets used to having drugs every day.  Changing the pattern of regular use produces negative reactions that occur in withdrawal. Our team understands the psychological, social and physical dependencies that drug users experience.

Patients who choose inpatient detoxification at a reputable facility receive a careful evaluation of specific needs. Professional caregivers and physicians prepare a suitable treatment program that includes group or individual therapy sessions to help addicts stop using drugs and achieve sobriety. With effective case management, professionals at A Forever Recovery guide each patient through proven methods that dispell the drug detox myths and lead to lasting recovery.

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