Is There a Connection Between Digital Device Detox and Drug Detox?

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Is There a Connection Between Digital Device Detox and Drug Detox?

Drug and alcohol addiction has certainly taken a very negative toll on this nation.  Currently, more than twenty-three million Americans are hooked on drugs and alcohol, more than this nation has ever seen in fact.  The number just keeps growing too, with about four-hundred thousand becoming newly addicted each and every year and only just over two-hundred thousand getting freed from addiction every year. No doubt, there is an increased need for digital device detox as well as drug and alcohol detox.

To add to the problem, about sixty to one-hundred and twenty thousand Americans die because of drug and alcohol addiction each and every year.  Finally, as if all of that was not enough, drug and alcohol addiction combined costs this nation about four-hundred and fifty billion dollars every year, an expensive toll for a dangerous problem to say the least.  Without a doubt, this is a big crisis (an actual “Epidemic” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and if it is not fully addressed.

But, in all honesty, drug and alcohol addiction is not the only addiction problem that we are facing today.  In fact, there are other addiction issues going on too, many of which are connected with, and possibly even supporting drug and alcohol addiction.

Digital Addiction and Digital Device Detox

The most prevalent one of these is that of our addictions to and incessant use of the digital world.  Computers, cell phones, tablets, televisions, radios, BlueTooth, watches, all of it combined is a huge consumption of energy.  Our use of and reliance on our digital items has gotten us to a point where we are so heavily connected to the digital world that we are actually ashamed of it.

This is interesting, and it could be part of what has predisposed so many people to addiction in the 21st century.  Certainly, it is suspicious that the two issues came up in extensive prevalence around the same time.  Also of note, young adult addiction, adolescent addiction,  and teen addiction have skyrocketed more so than any demographic since the turn of the century.  This is also the age group that uses technology and digital objects the most.

How Digital Device Detox is Similar to Detox for Drug Addiction

Detoxing off of anything and everything is essentially the same concept.  You must go without the thing that you are addicted to.  It is as simple as that.  The digital device detox process is actually very similar to detoxing off of any other addiction to things like food, sex, gambling, pornography, the internet, and yes, even digital items.  The main focus is to remove the reliance on the thing to which one is addicted to, and this is done by completing removing the thing from that person’s life.  The digital device detox is a simple one, to say the least, but it is certainly effective.

As state’s go, United States is now affected more heavily by addiction problems than most other states in the Midwest are.  This is a grim issue, but a very true one.  Thankfully, there are detox centers in the United States that can effectively address anyone’s addiction issues.

A Forever Recovery is an excellent addiction treatment center that possesses the tools and the treatment methods to help people detox successfully.  With the detox and withdrawal programs offered at A Forever Recovery, of which there are many, people can finally know freedom, abstinence, and stability from their addiction issues.

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