A Forever Recovery Celebrates National Recovery Month

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A Forever Recovery Celebrates National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month

Though the graduates of the A Forever Recovery treatment program are celebrated every week of every month through our Graduation Ceremonies, we are sharing our success stories with those still struggling with addiction during this year’s National Recovery Month.

National Recovery Month has a different theme every year, and the theme for 2016 is “Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery!” This is a perfect theme for sharing some of the hundreds of success stories that come out of our rehabilitation facility every year.

Client Testimonials

“I’m very excited to go back home and be with my family and pick up my life and move forward. And I’m ready to do that now.” – Kathleen

“It’s completely changed my life. My thinking process is different – take a negative idea and turn it into a positive immediately, like ‘What can I do to fix this? What’s good about this situation?’” – Jarakah

“You don’t have to end your life this way. You can live life to the fullest. There is hope. There is purpose. And if you dig deep, you shall set yourself free.” – Jimmy

“AFR is a fantastic program. I’m beyond blessed and grateful for it, and I’m looking forward to continuing my recovery outside of here.” – Eric

“It can work for anybody as long as you’re willing to choose to make it work for you. As long as you have a choice to make a change, you’ll change.” – Alex

“I’m excited to get my life back. I’m excited to give my parents their son back. I’m excited to give my girlfriend her boyfriend back, and be the real man that I was supposed to be.” – Steven

“I can be who I want to be without drugs and alcohol. And I love it – I love myself. I feel so proud of myself. Now that I’ve made it through, I feel like I’ve achieved something.” – Blake

We Celebrate Our Clients’ Recovery

We offer these testimonials on behalf of the graduates who shared them with us, in recognition of their achievements and with the hope that their experiences can help others who are struggling with addiction to make the decision to get the help that they need. We salute all of our graduates, past, present, and future, and the millions of people around the world who, through treatment and support, are able to enjoy a life of sobriety today.

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