Six Tips to Help You Beat Nicotine Addiction

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Six Tips to Help You Beat Nicotine Addiction

Quitting cigarettes is hard. It’s a huge lifestyle change on top of having to get over a physical addiction to nicotine. During those first few days and weeks, it can seem impossible, but you can do it! Here are six tips to help make it easier to beat those cravings for cigarettes and beat nicotine addiction once and for all.

Remember Why You’re Doing It

On your first smoke-free day, you’re going to be determined and positive. You’re sure you’re going to make it this time. But as the hours go on, the cravings kick in, and it gets tough. The next day, it’s tougher again.

It’s hard to stay strong and determined when you’re feeling miserable. After all, you’ve decided to stop smoking to get healthier and feel better. Yet the first while, it can feel like you’re feeling worse than ever.

When you’re struggling, remind yourself it’s a long term plan. It will get better. Write down all the reasons you wanted to stop smoking in the first place, and put them in a visible place. When you’re feeling rough, go remind yourself what it’s all for.

Go Easy on Yourself

Stopping smoking is hard! Don’t expect anything less. You will feel cravings. You will want to give up. You might think you’re weak for wanting to give in to your desire to have a cigarette. Maybe you’ve failed to beat nicotine addiction before. You’ve convinced yourself that you’re going to fail again. You think that you’re weak and just can’t do it.

Here’s news for you. You can do it. You’re not weak, you’re just suffering from physical withdrawal to a drug you’re addicted to. It’s completely normal to find it difficult, so go easy on yourself. You’re doing great.

Set Yourself a Target

Quitting smoking is a big thing, so make it worth it for yourself. Promise yourself a reward. You’re saving lots of money not buying cigarettes, so why not set aside some of that cash to buy yourself something nice. Save up for a holiday, a new car, or that new set of golf clubs.

On top of your big goal, you can give yourself a little reward every time you’ve reached a milestone. These can be small things, but make it something you enjoy. A fancy tub of ice cream or a couple of bottles of good beer at the end of day one. The box set of that show you’d been meaning to watch at the end of the first week. A meal out in a nice restaurant after your first month.

A nice reward in the near future will give you something positive to focus on when you’re struggling.

Break Those Habits

Sure, nicotine is addictive. But don’t underestimate how much of your smoking habit is just that, a habit. If you want to stop smoking you’ll have to break out of the habit. Did you always have a cigarette after dinner? Chances are that’s going to be when it’s hardest to ignore the urge to light up. So find something else to do after eating. Go for a walk. Have a cup of tea.

Keep your hands busy too. Take up knitting, make some artwork, or get a set of worry beads. Fidget spinners and similar little gadgets are a great tool to keep your hands and mind occupied. If you’re doing something else, you won’t think of smoking.

Beat Nicotine Addiction One Thing at a Time

Many people who want to beat nicotine addiction do so out of a desire to become healthier. But quitting cigarettes is more than defeating a nicotine addiction. It’s a big lifestyle change The more changes you try to push through at a time, the more difficult it will be to keep any of them up. For the first six weeks or so, focus on giving up those smokes. Don’t worry about diet and exercise and all that yet. One new habit at a time.

Any challenge is more difficult when you’re facing it alone, and quitting smoking is no exception. When you’re ready to give up, see if there’s anyone else around you who’s ready to stop smoking too. A friend, colleague or family member going on the same journey can be a huge support to you, and you to them.

In addition, don’t be afraid to see your doctor and tell them you want to stop smoking. They can give you advice and support, including medications that will make it easier to deal with the cravings.

Quitting smoking is hard, but it can be done. Don’t give up. Remind yourself why you want to do it. Take it one step at a time. Reward yourself for not smoking, and accept that you’re going to struggle. Before you know it, you’ll have your first day, week and month without a cigarette. Congratulations, you’ve become a non-smoker.


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