The Consequences of Drunk Driving

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The Consequences of Drunk Driving

The consequences of drunk driving include deadly accidents on the road with motor vehicles today. Understanding the effects of drunk driving can ultimately be is a way to educate others. It is also a way to stay informed yourself before getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Therefore, you are less likely to drive or allow others to get behind a wheel when they are clearly incapable or impaired.

Here are the Most Common Consequences of Drunk Driving

  • Accidents, Injuries, and Death

One of the most common consequences experienced any time you are involved in a drunk driving accident, or incident includes physical injuries, emotional trauma and in serious accidents, even fatalities and death. Consuming too much alcohol causes the driver to become more impaired than they believe.  Therefore, it ‘s hard to make the right judgments any time you drive when under the influence.

  • Legal Repercussions

There are often legal implications that can extend for months or years depending on your history and past criminal record. Legal repercussions vary with each who has been involved in a drunk driving case.  Also, the damage that occurred a result is under consideration.

  • Probation and Counseling

Many times, individuals who have been involved in a drunk driving case and who are found to be at fault for the accident or incident itself are required to attend probation or counseling sessions, which may be one-on-one with a drug addiction counselor or even group therapy. Probation can include time spent doing community service.

Probation also includes routine drug tests in many cases. These tests also check for alcohol.

  • License Restrictions

License restrictions are for individuals who are guilty of a DUI or drunk driving accident.  License restrictions can range from a 3-month suspension of a license to having your license revoked entirely. The decision can be based on prior drinking crimes as well as additional driving incidents on the individual’s record.

  • Relationship Strains

Legal repercussions are not the only problems a person can face.  Relationship strains and issues taunt individuals who have been found guilty of a DUI or a drunk driving accident.

Relationship strain often comes from shame and guilt in addition to the stress and inability to pay fines, fees, and other charges that may be incurred with the drunk driving incident itself. Additionally, family and friends may judge someone who has been caught for DUI.  This can add to the emotional trauma and guilt experienced throughout the ordeal.

  • Emotional Trauma

Of course, dealing with the aftermath of a drunk driving accident is never easy.  Especially when the individual involved in the drunk driving accident is responsible for the death or physical injuries of another person.  Furthermore, the feelings of guilt or shame can torment the person for a lifetime.

Learning about the consequences of drunk driving is a way for you to make the right decisions any time you are faced with driving after you have been drinking. Understanding the consequences of drunk driving also helps you make informed choices when in the company of others or who may have also been drinking.

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