Reasons for Increased Substance Use During Summer Months

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Reasons for Increased Substance Use During Summer Months

Summer is almost here and millions of lockdown-weary people are ready to have some fun in the sun.  Of course, every summer holds the promise of good times.  But, it can also lead to increased substance use during summer months.  So, why do people tend to drink or do drugs more in the summer months?  Let’s look at a few of the reasons.

Facts About Increased Substance Use During Summer Months

Increased substance use during summer months can be attributed in part to the activities people attend.  For instance, many outdoor festivities often include alcohol.  Also, music festivals are known for promoting substance use.  Not to mention the millions of people who enjoy lying on the beach with a cooler of beer at their side.

Researchers found that ER visits related to drug or alcohol intoxication peaked over the summer.  Also, many teens admit they tried drugs or alcohol for the first time during the summer.  Here are some statistics about teen’s first-time drug use in the summer:

Out of 400,000 people surveyed, the first-time use of four specific substances happened during summer.  These are the percentages according to the drug:

  • 34% of LSD use.
  • 30% of ecstasy use.
  • 28% of cocaine use.
  • 30% of marijuana use.

Of course, teens aren’t the only ones using drugs and alcohol during the summer.  Adults do their share of partying as well.

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What Causes People to Use More Drugs and Alcohol in the Summertime?

Increased substance use during summer months happens for several reasons.  Here are a few of the more common:

– Extra free time to spend.

Working adults have a week or more of vacation time to enjoy.  Teens are out of school and eager to hang out with friends.  If they can’t find things to do, some people use substances to escape boredom or loneliness.

– Social gatherings are plentiful.

They will seek outdoor fun such as beach parties, cookouts, holiday events, music concerts, and more.  As an American tradition, most or all of these activities promote alcohol or drug use.

– Social pressure to join in the fun.

People who enjoy drinking or taking drugs are often guilty of trying to convince others to join in the fun.  Many teens think it’s okay to try it once or twice.   The problem is that they aren’t familiar with the effects of the substances.  This lack of knowledge could lead to overdose or death.  Alcohol and ecstasy are especially dangerous in the summer heat due to the risk of dehydration.

Don’t Let Substance Use Ruin Your Summer

Repeated substance use can lead to addiction.  If you become addicted, your summer will be ruined.  So will the rest of your life, unless you get treatment.  Drug use can lead to accidents, health issues, unwanted pregnancy, STDs, and AIDS/HIV.  Fatal overdoses also rise during the summer months.  You don’t want to be among those statistics.

Summertime can be fun without drugs and alcohol.  Find activities or events that focus on sober fun.  Or, spend more time with family members instead.  You’ll be surprised how many things you can do and enjoy without drugs or alcohol.

Parents and educators should begin in early spring to increase their education and prevention efforts.  Many young lives can be saved if more adults set examples and become advocates for prevention.

Finding Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

At A Forever Recovery, we wish you a summer that is filled with healthy, substance-free activities to enjoy.  Contact us at our toll-free number if you know someone who needs treatment for substance abuse or addiction.  One of our representatives can tell you all about our effective programs.

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