Lost Innocence: Teenagers Getting Wasted on Drugs and Alcohol

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Lost Innocence: Teenagers Getting Wasted on Drugs and Alcohol

It’s hard to admit, but American teenagers getting wasted today and often experimenting with mood-altering substances is more common than ever. They may be curious about drugs and alcohol after hearing about them on television or in movies. Teenagers also sometimes try these things if their friends are doing it too – or if they feel they need some escape. Regardless of why teenagers try alcohol and drugs, it’s imperative that both they and their parents know about the risks involved with teenagers getting wasted today. Using illegal substances at an early age can lead to grave consequences, both to a teen’s body and their mind.

Some Statistics

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 39 percent of American teenagers have tried alcohol by the time they reach the 12th grade while over 25 percent of teens have tried illicit drugs. Of that 25 percent, over one-third reported smoking marijuana within the last year. After marijuana, the most popular drugs with teenagers are prescription medications, including Adderall and Vicodin.

Teenagers are especially at risk for health-related problems while on drugs and alcohol, as their brains are still developing. They may think that teens getting wasted are not harmful, or that nothing bad could happen to them while under the influence. However, according to NIDA, students who smoke marijuana regularly have lower grades than their non-using peers. Also, underage drinking leads to 190,000 emergency room visits every year.

Learning the Facts About Teenagers Getting Wasted

Even more shocking is the fact that kids who don’t hear the facts about drug abuse from their parents are 50 percent more likely to use. It is vital that teenagers understand what alcohol and drugs (both prescription and illicit) can do to a person’s life, both physically, emotionally, mentally and legally. If they do not, or they ignore the information, it can be very easy for teenagers to become addicts and alcoholics. It is also important to note that many young people get drugs from their family’s medicine cabinet or alcohol from the wine cellar, therefore making it easier than ever for teenagers to get wasted on their drugs of choice.

When Teenagers Get Lost in Drug Abuse

Many teens get lost in drug addiction due to a diverse range of reasons. It’s easy to go with the crowd or seek some escape from emotions. Youth from all races and backgrounds can struggle with substance abuse, even if it seems hard to believe. Some parents or teachers may be aware of a teen’s usage – other kids hide it well. Unfortunately, if teenagers do not stop using, their addictions could progress to harder substances and even higher risks of injury or death.

Getting a teenager to openly admit they have a problem with drugs or alcohol can be tough, as they may be in denial or afraid of consequences. The root causes of their use may be easy to see or may not be so obvious – but finding the reason behind addiction is one of the best ways to help a person overcome their power. Teens are vulnerable, and they must take precaution. Teenagers getting wasted on drugs or alcohol is more common today than ever before.

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That’s amazing that kids who don’t get education from their parents on drug abuse are 50% more likely to do drugs. If that stat isn’t enough to get parents to talk to their kids about drugs I hadn’t as I knew he was also getting information from school. I guess the answer is whether you think your kids are listening to you or not, obviously they are if this stat is correct.

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