Signs That Reveal Your Teen is Dope Sick

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Signs That Reveal Your Teen is Dope Sick

Do you worry that your young teen is dope sick?  Perhaps one of the greatest concerns of any parent is that their son or daughter will become addicted to drugs or alcohol.  In fact, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, in general, is a fear parents feel because it is the young adult population that experiences the highest numbers of addicted individual.  Young adults also have the highest numbers of deaths because of addiction.  They also have the highest numbers of accidents that come about from addiction.

Substance abuse is a crisis that is shared by many and one that has been going on for some time now.  In fact, the spread of drug and alcohol addiction among the young adult population of the nation has been more severe now than ever before.

How to Tell if Your Teen is Dope Sick

A lot of times, young adults will not be willing to communicate that they are using and abusing drugs and alcohol.  Most of the time, addicts are very secretive and hidden about that.  This behavior is the case ninety percent of the time.  When this is the case, it becomes of the utmost importance that parents help their kids by finding out if their children are addicted to or are abusing drugs and alcohol or not.  There are signs and symptoms of addiction always, so even if a young adult is hedging or avoiding the subject entirely, there are still signs, symptoms, and ways to find out the truth.

Listed below are just some of the many signs and symptoms of addiction and substance abuse that young adults in particular often experience when they are taking drugs or alcohol, and specifically as pertains to opiate withdrawals.

Some of these signs and symptoms are:

  • Tremors and shaking
  • Muscle aches and spasms, including ‘restless’ muscles
  • Hot and cold flashes
  • Digestion disruptions, including loss of appetite or a huge return of appetite
  • An insatiable desire to eat
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, constipation
  • Mental agitation, flying into a rage or crying over small issues.
  • Anxiety, ranging from slight feelings of unease to paralyzing paranoia.
  • Frustration at tasks the person may otherwise find simple.
  • Overwhelming feelings of depression, despondency, loneliness or worthlessness
  • Low energy, irritability
  • Hot and cold sweats, goosebumps
  • Yawning
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Dilated pupils

Addressing Addiction in Young Adults

If your child, whether they are twelve, twenty, or thirty are experiencing the above symptoms, then it is time to confront them and to get to the bottom of the addiction.  In fact, it is important to look into it and to address this situation to be able to tell if an addiction is occurring in your child or not, as his or her life is on the line here.

Once you know for sure that your teen is dope sick or abusing drugs, then it’s time to research rehab options.  With adequate and proper rehab, anyone with an addiction problem can find a solution.  Any young adult can get the detox and therapy they need to overcome their addiction.

Substance addiction is devastating and harmful, to say the least.  However, it does not have to be a permanent affliction.  The key to beating an addiction is with the help of an inpatient addiction treatment center.  In an inpatient program, addicted individuals receive respect, compassion, training, and confidence-boosting skills that will help them navigate in the outside world. If your teen is dope sick, it does not have to be a lifetime problem.  Learn more about inpatient treatment by calling out toll-free number today.

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