Flakka, a Synthetic Drug, Reaching Epidemic Proportions In the US

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Flakka, a Synthetic Drug, Reaching Epidemic Proportions In the US

Flakka, a synthetic drug that is very similar to cocaine is sometimes called ‘gravel‘ because it resembles aquarium gravel. This drug has a chemical that is very similar to MDPV, which is an ingredient that you find in bath salts.

Individuals can smoke, snort, or inject Flakka. It causes users to experience an intense euphoric feeling. Users experience an increase in energy and heightened awareness after using. The high that a person experiences after using this drug can last for many hours. Some people refer to Flakka as “Five Dollar Insanity” because it is relatively inexpensive. A single dose typically costs anywhere from three to five dollars.

Dangerous Effects of Flakka

Even though Flakka is a relatively new street drug, it is growing rapidly in popularity. Experts are also taking note of the dangers of this drug.

  • One of the most dangerous side effects is a dangerously high body temperature, which is known as hyperthermia. There have been cases reported of people’s temperature rising to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, which can result in seizures and death.
  • Paranoia is another potential side effect. There have been cases reported where people thought that someone was chasing them and trying to kill them while they were under the influence of Flakka. Health experts have also found that this drug can destroy the brain neurons.
  • Flakka is not only a danger to the people who use it, but it is also a threat to other people. There have been quite a few cases of individuals committing crimes while they were under the influence of this drug. For example, there was a case in Florida reported of a man breaking down windows to a police station while he was under the effect of Flakka.

It is important to note that the effects of Flakka can last long after a person stops using the drug. It can cause severe damage to the kidneys. Elevated body temperature can damage the muscles, which can cause damage to the kidneys. Many people who have overdosed will have to take dialysis for the rest of their lives.

Even though Flakka is often compared to cocaine and bath salts, both law enforcement officials and health experts believe that this drug poses greater risks than both of them.

What is Being Done to Deter Flakka Use?

The Drug Enforcement Agency has temporarily banned Flakka. However, it will most likely be a few years before the federal government places a ban on it. Law enforcement officials have stated that when drugs like this get banned, drug manufacturers develop alternatives.

Inpatient Rehab Saves Lives

Being addicted to any drug can ruin a person’s life. Fortunately, people can attend inpatient drug rehab and get their lives back on the right track. People will be able to recover in a safe and caring environment. Inpatient rehab not only helps people get off of a drug, but it can also give them a fresh start in life.

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