The Dangers of Driving While on Drugs

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The Dangers of Driving While on Drugs

Drug and alcohol addiction is truly a harsh and a debilitating crisis factor in this country, one of which only seems to get worse as the years go by. In addition, addiction brings with it harmful and difficult crisis issues of the very worst kind. The problem with drug and alcohol addiction is that there are simply so many people who struggle with addiction. There are also many people, other than the addict, who experience the hardship that comes along with an addiction. This sadly has been a lot of life for drug and alcohol addiction, and this sadly has been a very much so real issue and concern in this country. Today, another real danger of addiction is that of driving while on drugs which causes additional fatalities every year.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is defined simply as the act or fact of taking drugs that one should not be taking.  This includes taking drugs that are illegal (heroin, cocaine, PCP, marijuana, crack, meth, LSD, MDMA or ecstasy, and others).  This also includes taking any medical drug that one does not have a prescription for or self-medicating on a drug (not following the prescription’s instructions) by using in a manner that is not prescribed.  All of this combined spells bad news for those who engage themselves in these activities.

Driving While on Drugs

Driving while on drugs is one of the most foolish and most unethical things that a person can do.  Truly, driving intoxicated is a bad idea, to say the least, one of which is just as dangerous and deadly for you as it is for everyone else around you.

Driving while on drugs and or alcohol is illegal and very dangerous. When you are not totally alert (exactly what drugs and alcohol causes), your senses will be impaired. This slows your reaction time and causes you to make bad decisions. You can possibly even fade out or become distracted or lose consciousness when you are behind the wheel of an automobile. It is tantamount to disaster to drink and drive or to do drugs while driving.

The Effects of Drugs

The effects of drugs are such that they cause people to not be all there.  Drugs and alcohol create a high, so they definitely cause people to experience certain difficulties and issues that they would not normally experience.  People who take drugs and alcohol will inevitably suffer from it and they will feel the need to keep taking it over and over again no matter what.

Drugs cause the person to essentially fade out, both physically and mentally.  They create a sort of dulled, inhibited, and not totally conscious euphoria that is very different depending on the drug being used and the person using it.  At the end of the day though, these effects are not only unhealthy and unnatural, but they also make the user completely incapable of driving too.

How to Prevent Driving While on Drugs

The key to addressing the problem of drugged driving is to actually address the problem at its source, which is to say to tackle the addiction crisis at its very source, which is to address the drug user himself or herself.  This is so addressed by utilizing detox facilities and rehabilitation programs. These programs allow people to truly feel as though they can go free from an addiction and as though they can finally find the freedom from substance abuse that they have been looking for.

The other way to address drugged driving is to utilize education and to raise awareness about it.  Thousands upon thousands of people die every single year because of drugged and drunk driving. Simply going over the facts and statistics about it and addressing it with people is how you make it very clear to people that this is something that has to stop.  Do both of these in tandem and the problem will become a thing of the past.

If you are concerned about a loved one driving while on drugs, urge them to seek help and call A Forever Recovery today.

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