The Dangers of Skittles Party Drugs

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The Dangers of Skittles Party Drugs

There is some confusion on what skittles drugs are or what a skittles party is.  Skittles party drugs are a particular thing, but most people are unsure of what this latest trend among teens and young adults is.

A skittles party is incredibly dangerous.  Essentially, this is a party where several teens or young adults attend with the purpose of abusing prescription drugs. What they do is each attending the party is responsible for bringing some pills with them, often stolen from a parent’s medicine cabinet.  Once all of the party attendees are there, they dump the contents of their pill containers into a large bowl, making a bowl of “skittles.” Then, the individuals consume the pills at random.

Skittles Party Drugs: A Deadly Trend

The idea here is that the teens and young adults in attendance at such a party are getting a thrill and the excitement of taking pills that they don’t know what they are taking.  They dump all of the pills from each person into a large serving bowl, then each person grabs a handful and starts popping them.  As you can imagine, this is incredibly dangerous and foolish.

The threat and risk of an overdose while taking part in a skittles party is very high.  The teens involved have no idea what they are consuming or the strength and potency of what they are taking.  They are playing Russian Roulette with their very lives.

Addiction to Skittles Party Drugs

Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem in this country that just seems to get worse and worse as the years go by, with no clear sign of it getting any less severe.  This issue is indeed concerning in a lot of ways and not without good reason.

One of the most dangerous aspects of drug and alcohol addiction in this day and age is with prescription drugs.  Prescription drugs are the most concerning ones at this time because they have more Americans addicted than all other drugs combined.  In the early 2000s, prescription drugs became a severe issue and now, they create more addictions than all other drugs and have begun to rival even marijuana regarding gateway drug potentials.

Some research was done on this problem to establish the exact severity of drug and alcohol addiction in today’s America.  A lot of attention was put on young adults and opiate abuse. One of the truths that were found by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the MetLife Foundation was that no less than a full 24 percent of high school students and high school age individuals abuse prescription painkillers such as OxyContin or other stimulants such as Ritalin.

Today, prescription drugs are truly the most concerning substances that are being used and abused at this time.  Prescription drugs have become so common for young adults and such individuals have found many different ways to use and abuse them.  One such way is to have one of these parties with skittles party drugs.

It takes intensive, inpatient rehabilitation efforts to help people who are regularly attending skittles parties and who are abusing pills.  Call A Forever Recovery today for help with this if you or a loved one is falling under the influence of prescription drugs or skittles party drugs.

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