Side Effects of Vicodin You May Not Know About

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Side Effects of Vicodin You May Not Know About

Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction is without a doubt now one of the most concerning issues in the United States.  It is a growing problem in this country and has been for some time now.  The issue is a huge one, to say the least, creating the worst substance abuse epidemic that this nation has ever seen. Hopefully, spreading awareness about the side effects of Vicodin and other prescription drugs will help reduce some of the adverse consequences.

Side Effects of Vicodin

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug and alcohol addiction became an official Epidemic in the year 2012.  Prior to that, the threat levels of drug and alcohol addiction had just been at a crisis.  Around 2010, the numbers of drug and alcohol addicts in the United States topped twenty-million. The number didn’t decrease for over two years.  Therefore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognized the problem as truly concerning and raised the threat levels to epidemic levels. Since 2012, the number of Americans addicted to drugs and alcohol skyrocketed. This year, as many as twenty-four million Americans abuse drugs and alcohol daily.


Prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drugs for Americans, after marijuana. We live in a society now where prescription drugs, the very drugs that are supposed to help us and give us peace and stability from various mental and physical conditions, are now the very drugs that we become addicted to the most. The problem with prescription drug addiction in the United States really came to be right after American pharmaceutical companies increased the production and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs by over three-hundred percent between the years of 2001 and 2005.  Right around that same time, addictions to these drugs skyrocketed.

Vicodin is an example of a drug addiction issue that has gotten completely out of hand on a totally unacceptable level.  Vicodin is a pharmaceutical opiate pain reliever drug that helps people control moderate to severe chronic pain.  However, it is very common and very usual for people to become heavily addicted to the drug instead.

Side Effects of Vicodin

The side effects of Vicodin are pretty grim and concerning, to say the least.

For a quick look at just how dangerous this drug is, consider the following side effects of it:

  • Nausea and vomiting, prolonged nausea.
  • Constipation, difficulty with bowels, diarrhea.
  • Slowed breathing and respiratory difficulties.
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness, loopy sensations, altered depth perception.
  • Impaired judgment, inability to make good decisions, driving while under the influence.
  • Confusion, leeriness, inability to conjugate proper thoughts.
  • Profound drowsiness and an ongoing sensation of disorientation and sleepiness.
  • Loss of consciousness and blacking out at random times and for no particular reason.
  • An inability to stop taking the substance in spite of all of the above manifestations.

Rehab for Vicodin Addiction in the United States

No one should have to suffer from an addiction to Vicodin.  It is upsetting that people actually can become addicted to this substance in the first place.  However, there is a way out of the trap that is an addiction and that way through is an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

At A Forever Recovery, freedom and abstinence from Vicodin addiction are possible.  A Forever Recovery offers engaging recovery methods that are all quite workable.  Call today at our toll-free number to take your first step towards experiencing a new life of sobriety that is lasting and permanent. Also, you can call us if you would like more information about the side effects of Vicodin.

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