Candy Land – A Forever Recovery Sponsors a Flint, MI Halloween Extravaganza

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Candy Land – A Forever Recovery Sponsors a Flint, MI Halloween Extravaganza

A Forever Recovery sponsors candy land. Providing local families with a safe atmosphere for Halloween festivities, A Forever Recovery sponsored “Candy Land” at the Word of Life Christian Church

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Community outreach has always been a priority at A Forever Recovery. While we focus mainly on the effective treatment of those struggling to overcome addiction, we also value the many opportunities that we find to be a strong force in the battle against substance abuse that rages on in our homes and neighborhoods. The best tool that we have in the fight against drug abuse and alcoholism is education. By teaching our children, teens, and young adults about the dangers of substance abuse, informing the general public about the options in treatment available to them today, and providing healthy and positive alternatives to using drugs and alcohol, we strive to help build our world into a safer and healthier place for everyone.

On Halloween this year, which fell on a Saturday, A Forever Recovery traveled to Flint, MI, to sponsor an event called “Candy Land.” Community Advocates Uplifting Student Excellence (CAUSE) organized this function, which aimed to provide a safe, family-oriented atmosphere for residents of the local area and their children to enjoy a fun-filled Halloween. Candy Land had plenty of attractions, including a magic show, face painting, games, and much more. But, the main feature of the evening was “Candy Mountain” – a giant 2500lb pile of candy. Of course, in keeping with the idea of leading a healthy lifestyle, attendees of Candy Land were also provided with new toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss to help fight off potential dental issues that can result from eating too many sweets.

Pastor George Wilkinson of the Word of Life Christian Church, where the Halloween extravaganza was hosted, is also a member of CAUSE and one of the lead organizers of the event. He took a little time before the evening’s festivities kicked off to chat with us about the mission of CAUSE. “We focus on pouring back into the community through nonprofit organizations that are focused on academics, athletics, and artistic excellence,” he explains. An outreach of Young-Life Ministries, CAUSE was born in 2013 and is scheduled to become its 501c3 organization in the last quarter of 2015. They promote and encourage educating both the minds and hearts of our youth with a balanced and diverse approach; academics for the development of lifelong skills; arts for creativity, innovation, and self-image; and athletics for teamwork, healthy living, and bringing the community together.

In his interview, Pastor Wilkinson was enthusiastic about the participation of A Forever Recovery in the Candy Land event. The concept behind the Halloween event falls in nicely with the overall philosophy of our rehabilitation center – to do whatever we can to make a difference in our world and to provide a brighter and healthier future for our nation’s youth. “A Forever Recovery is a significant community partner with us because we are focused on our youth,” he observes, “and how we can positively impact our youth, regarding their focus on being the kind of people that we want them to be, to prevent drug abuse and addiction. We are extremely thankful for A Forever Recovery for being so focused on uplifting the community and allowing young lives to become what they should be.”

At A Forever Recovery, we are committed to helping all people find a path to a healthier and happier lifestyle, both inside our halls and in our homes. Through community outreach events, like the Candy Land celebration, we strive to provide our youth with a more positive avenue to travel, one that will ultimately lead them away from the dark and deadly path of drug and alcohol abuse. We seek to help build a better today with the hope of a more promising tomorrow and to help shape our children into the strong, independent leaders that we will need in the future.


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