A Forever Recovery Presents Detroit High School Senior Amber Oliver with a $2,500 scholarship

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A Forever Recovery Presents Detroit High School Senior Amber Oliver with a $2,500 scholarship

All-Pro Herman Moore was on hand at Cody High School in Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday, October 14, to present senior Amber Oliver with a $2,500 scholarship from A Forever Recovery.  A Forever Recovery awards scholarship for a contest to come up with a slogan for an anti-drug campaign.

A Forever Recovery Awards Scholarship to Amber Oliver

The scholarship was part of a competition put on by AFR, asking students to come up with a slogan for an anti-drug campaign. Oliver’s winning slogan was, “Health and Success Over Drugs and Stress”. “Amber has a lot of ambition, she has a lot of aspirations, and we’re very excited to present her with this check for $2,500 to be used as she goes off to college,” said Moore to a room full of classmates and administrators.

Amber Oliver, who has her sights set on Grand Valley State, Saginaw Valley and Henry Ford Community College, is looking to major in psychology. “I am always the person that gives my friends advice,” she said. “I am a peacemaker; I love to make sure everybody is okay; I don’t want anybody hurt, or their feelings hurt, or be heartbroken, or they have any personal issues.”

“I’ve always believed that if you have a healthy mind, you can do anything you want. Even if your body isn’t healthy, as long as your mind is straightforward and you know what you want to do, you understand how you feel and know how to deal with that feeling.” As part of the scholarship, Oliver was part of a photo shoot that also included former University of Michigan basketball player and Detroit native Jordan Morgan. Morgan is currently playing overseas in the Italian League as part of Virtus Roma.

Combating Drug Abuse Among Schoolmates

“Having grown up in Detroit, it is a goal of mine to impact the city’s youth in a positive way,” said Morgan. “I’m glad I’m able to play a small part now in making a difference in the fight against drugs.”

The anti-drug posters were given to Cody High School to distribute and will be incorporated into future anti-drug campaigns. The hope is to encourage kids of Detroit to stay off drugs through messaging from their peers. Oliver received a strong response at the check presentation and clearly has leadership influence among her schoolmates.

“We have made it a mission to combat drug use among Detroit’s youth,” said Per Wickstrom. “As part of that mission, we were excited to reach out to the students themselves to see how they would advise their peers to stay away from drugs. We are proud to award this scholarship to Amber as recognition of her creativity, commitment to education, and focus on staying off of drugs.”

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