National Baptist Convention Discusses Faith-Based Treatment for Addiction

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National Baptist Convention Discusses Faith-Based Treatment for Addiction

The National Baptist Convention will hold its 135th annual session this year in Memphis, Tennessee from September 7-11. This convention is the nation’s oldest and largest African American religious convention with a membership of over 7.5 million. A Forever Recovery will be on hand to discuss faith-based treatment for addiction. Having a faith-based treatment program helps speed their recovery process and settles them back into their religious beliefs.

A Forever Recovery will also be a part of the conference speaking and educating the group on the dangers of addiction, signs, and symptoms of addiction, and the barriers and obstacles individuals may encounter when looking for help. Many times a faith-based program is the answer for those struggling with addiction.

135th Annual Session
Memphis Cook Convention Center
Memphis, TN

September 7-11, 2015


Faith-Based Treatment

Faith-based treatment for addiction is a great solution for a person with a need and willingness to gain knowledge of the faith they desire. Many people that enroll in rehab centers always seek some answers and look to their faith to help them in their struggle with addiction. The chances are that they once had a solid connection with their faith, but have been wandering away from it during this time of experiencing drug or alcohol abuse.

Reconnecting Through Faith-Based Treatment

Through a faith-based treatment, a patient can get any answers about life, faith, and love that they need to know. Many people desire religious programs because they once were devoted to going to church but lost their convictions during the addiction. They see this program as a chance to reconnect with their religious beliefs while also drawing strength from renewed spirituality to help them through recovery. They receive much comfort from praying to God or their Higher Power for help to overcome this addiction and return to their life as it was before addiction.

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