The Truth About Homelessness and Addiction

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The Truth About Homelessness and Addiction

According to recent studies, there is a link between homelessness and addiction. In fact, the average person is likely to associate substance abuse with homelessness without much thought about the subject.

It may be a fact that many individuals who’re homeless have an addiction. But, it’s not correct to blindly assume that everyone who is homeless uses drugs. Statistics show that most addicts don’t actually become homeless, and while it’s easy to believe, most homeless individuals aren’t addicts.

No Easy Solutions to This Complex Problem

In recent times, western countries have seen a sharp increase in homelessness. Experts don’t believe the growth has anything to do with addiction. Individuals can end up homeless for any number of different reasons.

It’s quite a complex problem, and no solutions are available to solve the issue of homelessness. The sad reality is that many individuals who end up homeless might develop an addiction later on as a way to cope with their new, undesirable situation.

In the distant past, it was quite common to whip or imprison homeless individuals. Today, these individuals are treated much better. Unfortunately, however, a large percentage of society frowns upon homelessness and views these individuals as outcasts.

In the United States, there are an estimated 3.5 million homeless individuals, which represents about 1 percent of the population. While drug and alcohol abuse can lead to homelessness, they’re only two potential causes.

A Deeper Look into Homelessness and Substance Abuse

It’s difficult to gather statistics for homeless individuals, but it’s believed that about 38 percent of the homeless population abuse alcohol while 26 percent abuse other substances.

It’s a fact that addiction is a much larger problem among the homeless population when compared with the general population. Since many homeless individuals use drugs or alcohol, much of the general population assumes it’s the substance abuse that is causing the problem.

A lot of people who’re homeless have a mental illness, and others might turn to addiction to cope with the constant stress they feel. In every situation, addiction follows a downward trajectory.

It can quickly and utterly destroy any progress a homeless individual attempts to make towards changing their situation in life.

Homelessness and Addiction Makes People Vulnerable

The portion of the homeless population that is addicted to drugs or alcohol is especially vulnerable. It’s a fact that many shelters won’t admit homeless individuals who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which means these individuals are left to suffer the elements.

Homeless individuals who have an addiction will also have far more trouble taking advantage of social services offered to them. All in all, homelessness is a complex issue, and many factors can contribute to the problem.

Most of the current solutions to the homelessness and addiction problem only offer temporary support. While it’s true that addiction can lead to homelessness, many individuals turn to substance abuse as a way to cope with being homeless, rather than ending up homeless because of substance abuse.

Help for Substance Abuse at A Forever Recovery

The complexities of homelessness and addiction are not going to be solved any time soon, but we can help by providing affordable addiction treatment to those who need it. In this way, we will get people off the streets and back to being productive members of society.

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