Is There a Link Between Media and Drug and Alcohol Usage?

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Is There a Link Between Media and Drug and Alcohol Usage?

There are usually several factors that lead to drug or alcohol addict. Media is one of the possible factors that can lead to drug and alcohol usage. There have been quite a few studies done to examine the link between the media and drug and alcohol usage.

How Media Can Lead to Drug and Alcohol Usage

Drug and Alcohol UsageThe media often glamorizes drug and alcohol usage. You can hear about drug and alcohol usage when you turn on the radio. You also hear about drug and alcohol usage in television shows and movies. There are some television shows, movies, and songs that depict drug use in a negative light. However, there are far more positive messages about drug and alcohol usage in entertainment than there are negative messages. These messages tend to make it look like a person will have more fun and be more popular if they get good and drunk.

Alcohol and drug usage are prevalent in entertainment. For example:

  • It is estimated that a drinking scene is shown every 22 minutes on television.
  • A smoking scene is shown every 57 minutes.
  • Illicit drug usage is shown every 112 minutes.

Entertainment often gives the impression that using drugs and alcohol will make their lives better. That is why people often get the wrong message about drug and alcohol usage. They may think that they can use drugs and alcohol without suffering any consequences.

One study suggested that teens who watch PG-13 and R-rated movies with drug content are more likely to use drugs and alcohol later in life. Furthermore, a teen’s brain is still developing. That is why teens may not be able to understand the effects of drug and alcohol usage.

Advertising also plays a role in prescription drug abuse. Studies have shown that 92 percent of people who abuse prescription drugs requested a drug that had been advertised on television.

Social Media and Drug Usage

Movies, television, and music are not the only ways that people get messages about drugs and alcohol. People also get drug and alcohol messages through social media. Both adolescents and adults are spending more time on the Internet than they did in the past.

Studies have shown that teens who see pictures of other teens drinking are four times more likely to use alcohol. Teens who see other teens using marijuana are three times more likely to use it themselves.

Inpatient Rehab and Drug and Alcohol Usage

Drug and alcohol usage can have a plethora of adverse effects. That is why inpatient rehab is so important. Inpatient rehab aims to find the underlying factors that lead to addiction. Correcting the cause of the addiction is one of the keys to overcoming it. Inpatient rehab can also help people gain the confidence and skills needed to stay sober for life.

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