The Stigma of Being Asian American During COVID-19

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The Stigma of Being Asian American During COVID-19

As the days and weeks wear on and people continue to isolate, fears and imaginations are starting to run rampant. Have you ever thought about what it is like being Asian American during COVID-19? If not perhaps, it is a good time to think about it. Coronavirus is even being called “The Chinese Virus” by many individuals in our country today. This virus is not a “Chinese virus,” but a global virus.

Being Asian American During COVID-19

Being Asian American during COVID-19 brings with it more anxieties, more stresses, and yes, even more fear than other Americans are facing. They are living daily with an epidemic of racism. Every time Asian Americans leave home to acquire food or other necessities for their families, they fear others verbally abusing them or physically abusing them. They are victims of hate crimes daily.

We have been hearing of many acts of kindness, generosity, and other heartwarming stories during this crisis in the United States. Sadly though, the coronavirus is also bringing out some of the worst in Americans. Asian Americans are living in fear of their own lives due to racism. But, what is even worse, they live in daily fear for their children and what this bigotry will do to them. We should not condemn any Chinese person or Asian American for anything that any government does or doesn’t do.

Asian Americans on the Front Lines Fighting COVID-19

Every citizen in the United States should thank all Asian Americans and Asian immigrants. They are working every day on the front lines fighting  COVID-19. They are helping to save American lives daily.

According to Forbes:

Seventeen percent of doctors, 9% of physician assistants and nearly 10% of nurses in the United States are of Asian descent.“

Also, Asians and Asian Americans are very actively working to help find a vaccine for COVID-19. Asian Americans and Asian immigrants are also vital in contributions made to fight COVID-19 in America.  Eric Yuan who is Zoom’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer), has donated huge amounts in free service to schools in the United States. These services help students continue learning during this crisis, what an enormous benefit to our country.

How We Can Support Asian American Communities During COVID-19

Hate crimes during the COVID-19 pandemic must stop. It is time for our country to work together to rid the United States of this horrible crisis. This is not a time for stigmatizing any race or ethnicity. We can support Asian-owned small businesses just as we support other businesses in our communities.  In addition, we can call on elected officials to condemn this type of behavior and have consequences for those who continue this practice.

It is time for all Americans to put every type of racism in the past in our country. No person should be judged or discriminated against because of the color of their skin or their religious beliefs or for any other reason for that matter. We as citizens of the United States should not tolerate verbal abuse, physical assault, shunning, or any other injustice in today’s world. We should all strive to be better human beings than that.

The next time you are out in your community before you act in a disrespectful manner to others, think about what it is like being Asian American during COVID-19. Try acts of kindness to all other individuals. We are all going through these tough times together.


  • – Irony: Hate Crimes Surge Against Asian Americans While They Are On The Front Lines Fighting COVID-19

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