5 Warning Signs That You May Have a Drug Addiction

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5 Warning Signs That You May Have a Drug Addiction

There is a difference between drug use and drug addiction, but the line separating them is much finer than many people think, particularly when you are looking at highly addictive substances like cocaine.  Below are some of the more common signs of addiction that you should know.

Warning Signs of Addiction:  Do You Know Them?

If you are concerned that you might be dealing with drug addiction, you will find that it is best to start taking a mental inventory of where you are and what is going on in your life. It is possible to be addicted long before you are consciously aware of the fact.

5 Signs of Addiction to Watch For

It’s often difficult to be honest with yourself about your drug or alcohol use.

But, you should take a look at these signs of addiction to determine if it’s time to seek professional help:

Sign #1: You are afraid.

For many people, a denial of addiction is fear. When you thought about the idea of being addicted, did you feel a moment of panic?  In most cases, fear is a sign that the person is doing something wrong or something that is not quite right. Many people feel like they can do as they please as long as they are not addicted. The problem is that this segues into denial very easily. When you are confronted with the idea of being addicted, and your first reaction is fear, that means that you might have a problem. Depending on the level of fear, this may be an addiction that has gone on for quite some time.

Sign #2: Neglecting your duties.

Drug addiction is something that can quickly take over your life. You may spend a fair amount of your time using the drug or pursuing more of it. Take a moment to consider where your life has been for the past few months or even the last few years. Think about your responsibilities, whether they are professional, personal or academic. Have you been holding up your end of things, or have you been letting your responsibilities and your duties go because they seem less important than your drug of choice?

Sign #3: Isolation.

Addiction is incredibly isolating.  Many people find that it is easy to let even their close friends and family fade out of their life. It might start out as a small thing. Perhaps you think they would not approve of your drug use, and because of that, you avoid them when you are planning to engage in it. As time goes on, more space opens in your life for your addiction and less and less space for your friends or family. The isolation makes it easier to get more addicted and harder to stop.

Sign #4: Risky behavior.

Many people find that even if the drug that they choose does not create risky behavior, they might engage in risk-taking anyway. Many recreational drugs involve a lowering of inhibitions. You may discover that you are suddenly more prone to do things that you would not otherwise do. For instance, you’ll say impulsive things, risk your life and your property on a whim, or are unable to control yourself when you need to do something difficult. Remember that risky behavior is not always as obvious, but it is one of the most common signs of addiction. For some people, risky behavior is all about sexual acting out, impulsive shopping, or speaking more frankly in situations where discretion is necessary.

Sign #5: Withdrawal.

If you experience any withdrawal symptoms when you are off your drug of choice, it’s a good indication that you are dealing with addiction. Symptoms of withdrawal include things like irritability, fear, and anger, as well as physical symptoms. If you are worried that you’re addicted, it is worth your while to see what happens when you go off your drug for a certain period. If even the thought of doing so fills you with fear and anxiety, it is time to look into professional treatment options.

What To Do Next

After taking an honest look at how drugs or alcohol are affecting your life, did you find that you have many of the signs of addiction and possibly need treatment?  If so, contact us today to learn about our treatment program.  Today is the best time to take the first step toward a drug-free life.


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