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What to Do When an Addict Won’t Stop

Do you know what to do when an addict won’t stop?  You may have an addict in your life who will not stop, and you need a way to help them. You cannot do anything direct if you are not a trained counseling professional, but there are things you can do with the help of a trained professional. This article explores how you can approach a counseling professional for assistance with someone who will not stop.


Interventions must be handled by a trained counseling professional who understands how to approach the topic of addiction. You must not start an intervention hoping to stop the cycle of addiction in one day. A counselor must be present to help the group submit their concerns to someone who is not ready to stop abusing drugs or alcohol. The counselor will prevent the intervention from getting out of hand, and the counselor can recommend treatment procedures that will be helpful for everyone involved, especially the addict.

Counseling for an Addict

You can suggest that someone go into counseling for their addiction. You are not forcing someone to go into treatment, but you are giving them an outlet for their feelings. A counselor is trained to listen to addicts, and counselors who have experience in the field can create a treatment plan without committing your friend to a rehab center. The counselor must be the person who decides on a treatment program as you are not qualified to create one yourself.

Inpatient Rehab Treatment

When an addict won’t stop their addiction, they may not be prepared to enter inpatient treatment on their own. Offer the inpatient information to your friend, and help them enroll in the program. Inpatient rehab is not the only course of action for addiction recovery, but an inpatient facility gives addicts a chance to work on themselves without distractions.

You cannot forcibly send someone to rehab, but you can push them in that direction after a long talk. When an addict won’t stop on their own, you can conduct an intervention.  Look at many different treatment programs in your area, and help your friend or family member enroll quickly. You may be the person who handles all the paperwork from the outside, and you will be a constant source of support.

Cut Contact with Them when the Addict Won’t Stop

You may need to help someone reach rock bottom by cutting off contact with them. Someone will hit rock bottom when they do not have anyone to help them, and you may lead your friend or loved one to get help. You should not do this without serious consideration, and you may need to speak to a counselor about what will happen after you cut contact. Leaving someone all alone could be dangerous, but there are times when you cannot do anything else when the addict won’t stop.

Helping people who still struggle with addiction is difficult for everyone involved. Counselors will have a hard time with addicts who are not ready for treatment, but you may approach a counselor for help. A professional counselor can help you start an addiction intervention, offer solutions to an addict or find an inpatient treatment program. You can do something, but you need help when you love an addict.

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