How Can I Know When to Seek Addiction Treatment?

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How Can I Know When to Seek Addiction Treatment?

Knowing when to seek help for addiction can be a confusing issue.  Many people believe an addict must wait until they hit “rock bottom” before they need treatment.  But, that can be a dangerous decision. Waiting too long often results in dire consequences such as overdose or death.  So, how do you know when it is time to enter a rehabilitation program? The following signs are good indicators of when to seek addiction treatment.

Knowing When to Seek Addiction Treatment

Many addicts think they have their drug abuse under control.  Others are in denial about the extent of their substance use. It’s also common for addicts to avoid treatment because they fear detox or think rehab doesn’t work.  Financial issues are also one of the reasons why many people avoid treatment. But, the important thing to remember is that the longer you wait, the worse the addiction becomes and it will be much harder to overcome.

Here are some signs that indicate when to seek addiction treatment:

  • Acknowledging the impact of your addiction on your life and relationships.
Some or all of your close relationships may be suffering because you are often not available to interact like you once did.  Also, your job begins to suffer because you skip work often, miss deadlines, or fail to meet expectations. As a result, your financial status is in jeopardy and you fail to pay bills on time.  These things are signs that it is time to change the way you are living.

  • You don’t recognize or like the person you’ve become.
If friends and family are telling you about your bad behavior when you were high, it’s time to listen. You don’t want to continue hurting the people you love and respect.  Continued drug or alcohol use can increase feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, and frustration. This can cause you to act out of character and become more easily irritated, lashing out at loved ones. If you don’t recognize or like the person you’ve become, it’s possible your family and friends are feeling the same way. It’s time to change your behavior and return to being the person they once knew.

  • You’re thinking about quitting or have tried before.
If you’ve tried to quit and failed, you are probably afraid to try again.  But, the fact is, addiction is difficult to overcome without professional help. Most people who try to quit on their own will relapse repeatedly. The fact that you’re thinking about quitting is a good sign.  Don’t let fear of withdrawal keep you from getting professional help. The time to seek addiction treatment is now, while you’re thinking about it.

  • You realize that you need help.
Maybe you’ve had a scare like a bad high or an accident while you were high.  Whatever it is that caused you to seek help can be a lifesaver. Or, maybe your friends and family held an intervention to help you break through the denial.  If you’re thinking about getting help, do it soon before things get worse.

Substance abuse changes who you are and can ruin your entire life.  The time to seek addiction treatment is now. Many thousands of people have successfully recovered and are now living the kind of life they dreamed of for so long.

AFR is Your Best Option for Professional Addiction Treatment

If you’re still not sure about when to seek addiction treatment, contact us at A Forever Recovery.  We will conduct a confidential assessment and help you choose the time and the type of program that is right for your needs. We offer a wide range of treatment options to help you become the sober, confident, successful person you want to be.  One of our representatives is available to talk to you now about when to seek addiction treatment.


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