Why Do Teens Experiment with Drug Use More in the Summer?

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Why Do Teens Experiment with Drug Use More in the Summer?

Summer has always been about having fun and taking a break from the stresses of high school. Teenagers all over the world agree that summertime is the best part of their youthful experience. Most teens spend this time with friends and family, leading to some of their most memorable times in life. According to a new study at NYU School of Medicine, summer is now the most likely time when teens experiment with drug use.

The data provided by the yearlong survey shows not only that teenagers are indulging, adults are experimenting with recreational drug use as well. This astonishing discovery begs the question; why is summer the most convenient time that teens experiment with drug use?

Teens Experiment with Drug Use with Leisure Time

Summer usually brings the risks of shark attacks and sun poisoning, not drug addiction. This disturbing new trend is alarming and has raised more than a few questions. Why summer? This question is the first that comes to mind, and the answer should not be that surprising.  For one, school is out, and teens have nothing but free time on their hands. Most parents leave teens alone at home during the summer days while they are working. This alone time can lead to boredom, and become a time when teens experiment with drug use with their friends.

There is also the expanding popularity of music festivals and concerts. These places are a haven for drug and alcohol indulgence. It would not be uncommon for someone to offer a teenager some drug while attending one of these shows. Doing drugs here can be dangerous as high levels of toxicity and heat combined can lead to fatal results. Factor in the fact that it is the first time for some of these individuals and the results could be lethal. First-time users are going to be remarkably unaware of the effects of the drugs, which could also lead to threatening results.

The Drugs

Users always abuse certain drugs more than others. Marijuana and painkillers are the most popular today. But the results of this study are surprising and utterly astonishing. About one-third of the drugs of abuse are ecstasy, more than one-third are LSD tablets, and a whopping 28% of first-time users are trying cocaine.

For the past decade, cocaine is a drug that has been out of the limelight and was thought to be a fading trend. According to this study, that may not be the case. The alarming statistics bring room for concern about the dangers of these drugs, especially ecstasy and cocaine, which are highly addictive.

Ironically, states that have already legalized marijuana saw a tremendous decline in reported use among teenagers. This fact could prompt more states to consider the option of legalization as a way to combat drug addiction and abuse. Study author Joseph Palamar stated that it is the adult’s responsibility to provide kids with the proper education. Parents need to inform kids about the dangers and risks associated with frequent drug use. He also stated that it is essential to bring the issue up before the summer months to try to prevent as much experimentation as possible.

How to Approach the Problem

Drug abuse is not going away anytime soon. It is an epidemic of massive proportions and seems only to be getting worse. Each year thousands of people try new things and experiment with different types of drugs. Most of these people are with family or friends and feel safe, while some people are only out to get as high as possible, regardless of their surroundings.

According to the results of this study, more time and research is needed to arbitrate why the summer months are such a risk factor for first-time drug use. The publisher notes that it is imperative to drink plenty of fluids to avoid exhaustion and dehydration while experimenting with drugs.

Parents also need to understand that teenagers are rebellious and are willing to defy you in many ways. Telling your child not to do anything dumb is not a smart idea. Explain to them why it is dangerous, not foolish, to experiment with these illicit drugs. A well-informed teenager is much less likely to experiment than an uninformed rebellious teenager.

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