5 Habits That Could Derail Your Recovery

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5 Habits That Could Derail Your Recovery

Going through recovery can be a complicated process. You need all the help you can get while cutting out all of the trigger points that may cause you to relapse. While going through recovery, your counselor can help you identify what possible trigger points are, but even without their help, you need to make sure and avoid these five habits that can potentially derail your recovery and cause you to start using again.

Derail Your Recovery

Habits that Could Derail Your Recovery

  • Hanging Out with Your Drug Friends – Sure, you probably had some great times together, but they are not good for you. Hanging out with your drug friends is going to cause you to want to use more than probably anything else. Even if your friends are not using around you, being around them conjures up memories of the good times you had while using. Plus, can you trust them to keep you away from using if they are using themselves?
  • Skipping Out on Your Support Network – Building a strong support network is important. It does not matter if you have these connections in drug rehab, AA or it comes in the form of a sponsor. These individuals can help you beat those days where you just have a craving to use again. Caring people in your life mean the world and they want what is best for you. Sometimes you might just want to get away, but having these people around to talk to when you need help is vital, which is why you should never skip out and lose touch with your support network.
  • Doing it On Your Own – Everyone wants to be independent, so naturally you are going to want to do things on your own, including your recovery. This way, you have fewer people to talk to about it, which may make you feel better. However, there are some tasks that become especially difficult to do on your own. If you try, you are far more likely to slip back into using, no matter what you are trying to quit. You can do many other things on your own, but this habit, when it comes to recovery, is one you need to avoid.
  • Avoiding Healthy Habits – The healthier you are, the better you feel, and the better you look. As you watch your physique come back, and your skin and hair improve, it can be beneficial and help push you forward. However, if you start to eat only junk food, stop exercising and just skip out on healthy habits, it increases the chances of you starting to use again. Often, healthy habits can help lead you back to sobriety, so without these patterns, you might look towards other items that are just going to derail your recovery.
  • Avoiding Life Changes – This is another vital habit you need to break because it could definitely derail your recovery. There are many life changes you are going to face during recovery, and a failure to make these life changes can lead back to using.

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