5 Addiction Recovery Activities to Fill the Void Left Behind

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5 Addiction Recovery Activities to Fill the Void Left Behind

Drug and alcohol addiction is a tough issue for all who are affected by it, and it is something that can and should be addressed in the lives of those who struggle with it.  Drug and alcohol addiction statistically speaking has caused more problems in the nation than all other health issues except for smoking and obesity.  Therefore, effective treatment is the first option for addressing this issue.  Helping recovering addicts choose healthy addiction recovery activities is one way to ensure success.

Stages of Drug Addiction Recovery

What a lot of people do not realize is that there are actually stages of drug addiction recovery.  What a lot of people do not think about is that getting off of drugs and alcohol is really just the first step and that there is actually so much more involved here than just simply stopping the use of drugs and alcohol.  In fact, for a person to really be fully free from drug and alcohol addiction, they often have to go for several years without using and abusing the substances at all, and they have to experience ongoing recovery and sobriety that lasts for years upon years before they truly feel free from the harmful effects.

Thankfully, there are addiction recovery tools and addiction recovery activities that people can engage in if they want to make sure that they will stay clean and sober for the duration of the rest of their lives and not experience a relapse.  There is no doubt whatsoever that addiction leaves a mark and leaves a void, and such a void needs to be filled with other, positive activities, lest a relapse come about.

Addiction Recovery Activities to Consider

Those first few, crucial months after one has beaten drug and alcohol addiction are often the most serious and the harshest months a person will ever face.  Most recovering addicts agree that they are even harsher than the time they spent actively abusing drugs and alcohol.

Listed below are five quick ideas on what you can do, and what a lot of recovering addicts do, to fill the void left by addiction with healthy addiction recovery activities:

  • Start a new career path. When people get out of rehab, the first thing they often do, (and the first thing they should do really) is to get a job or go into a career.  This is one of the major things that people can do to address the void that addiction has left when they beat an addiction issue.  Getting a job or starting a new career path is a way to do this.
  • Get a hobby or pursue a passion. A lot of people in recovery become artists or get really into fitness, all to give them a substitute activity for addiction.
  • Go to volunteer work. This is another good one, and it has a good purpose too.  A lot of people in recovery will go into volunteer activities to do something productive and to give back to the community.
  • Go to work for a treatment center. When fresh out of rehab, many newly recovered individuals will go to work for a rehab program to help others beat addiction.
  • Go back to school. Many recovered addicts never finished school, to begin with.  After they beat addiction, they dive into a new activity of educating themselves so they can make up for lost education while they were abusing drugs and alcohol.

If you need help in choosing addiction recovery activities, or if you need to go to rehab, call A Forever Recovery today at our toll-free number.

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