After Completing Addiction Rehab, Where Do You Go?

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After Completing Addiction Rehab, Where Do You Go?

You have completed your addiction treatment program at rehab, so what is your next step? Do you go back home to the same environment in which you abused substances such as drugs or alcohol, or do you relocate somewhere else? These are questions that must be answered when preparing to leave the safe and controlled surroundings of the inpatient facility where you have stayed for the last month or more. Completing addiction rehab brings on many more decisions which must be made as you transition back into your daily routine and new sober life.

Completing Addiction Rehab and Facing Life in the Real World

Completing addiction rehab is something to be very proud of but at the same time, it can be a bit scary and intimidating. You are embarking on a new life free from drugs or alcohol – a new beginning which will bring an entirely new way of life and looking at the future. It may have been many years since you even thought about your future and what it holds for you.

Remaining sober and living a healthy life is your number one priority right now and what you probably fear most is completing addiction rehab and experiencing a relapse. There are steps you can take to avoid a relapse such as continuing outpatient treatment and attending group meetings. Through these meetings, you will have continued encouragement and support from others who are going through the same process as you as well as some individuals who have been in recovery for years who can be an inspiration to you.

Sober Living Housing Might be a Good Choice

If your home is not a suitable place for you to return to after completing addiction rehab because of other substance abusers there or for other reasons, a sober living house may be an answer for your needs. Sober living homes are group homes where individuals who are all abstaining from drugs or alcohol can share a living space and give daily support and encouragement to each other. They share the daily tasks of maintaining and keeping the house clean while they transition into their newfound life of sobriety.

Living in a sober living house can give you time to develop new routines and new habits not like going straight from completing addiction rehab back to your old habits and environment. While you are living here, you can attend group or AA/NA meetings, have some one-on-one outpatient counseling or simply have the support of others living there who are also transitioning into their new lives.

Some sober living homes have individual bedrooms while some may have shared bedrooms. There are rules which must be followed such as no drinking and no drugs, curfew times, required meetings, and rules about having visitors. Different homes may have different sets of rules. You can usually stay in the sober living home as long as you abide by the rules and can pay your rent. As long as you feel the need to stay in a more structured environment usually you can continue residing in the home.

Who Benefits from Sober Living Housing after Completing Addiction Rehab?

Practically any recovering addict can benefit from the sober living housing after completing addiction rehab. Especially those who may be more vulnerable to relapse will benefit from this type of aftercare program.

Individuals who have very little family support or support from anywhere else can benefit immensely from a sober living home. Here, they will receive support and encouragement from a counselor or house representative as well as from the other residents of the home. Everyone is there for the same reason – to remain sober and create a new life without drugs or alcohol.

Chances of Relapse after Completing Addiction Rehab

Yes, the chances of relapse are higher for some individuals after completing addiction rehab than others. However, you don’t have to be one of those relapse statistics. Use the skills and tools you have been given in your addiction treatment program to avoid a relapse back into addiction. If you feel that a sober living house would be a good choice for your needs after completing addiction rehab, by all means, do the research to find one that fits your preferences.

By completing addiction rehab, you have shown yourself and others that you are serious about living in recovery from addiction. You can remain alcohol and drug-free by perseverance and taking the steps necessary to remain in a sober environment away from temptation and triggers for abuse. If you don’t think a sober living home fits your needs, just find an aftercare program that will help you stay on track in your recovery program. You can do this!

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